What I Think about Midnight Twist by Rian Durant

Midnight Twist by Rian Durant

Midnight Twist by Rian Durant

Themes & Genres: MM Paranormal Romance, demons


Jaydon can’t afford to lose the bet he made after breaking up with his ex over an espresso machine, so when the sweet as sin Eluin offers him the good old contract, this might be exactly what he needs. Or is it? Things get a little twisted with the cheeky demon being around. When midnight strikes, and Jaydon’s last wish is in order, he gets more than he bargained for.

The number of demons in Jaydon’s apartment grows, with Eluin’s big brother Eluel, a first level demon with attitude, and his wayward lover Sam, who has the habit to appear when you least expect him. The couple is at a breaking point in their own on/off relationship and this time getting back together seems as probable as hell freezing over.

What I think of the book:

Midnight Twist is a standalone short read by Rian Durant with a very anime feel to it. It might be an odd way to describe a book, but it did have an anime vibe and when I tried to imagine the characters, they popped in my brain in that style instead of as real people.

Another thing that I noticed about Midnight Twist is that it reads like a second book in a series. What I mean by that is that the world is presented as if it’s already been established and the author doesn’t need to explain it to us. Even though the demon world is mentioned a lot, I barely know anything about it and I can’t really picture how it looks or how it works.

The dialogue also troubled me with the characters using “sweetie”, “love” and other endearments way too much. At first I thought that it would be something typical for the human main character, but then I realized that everyone was doing it. It got on my nerves a bit, but this is more a personal pet peeve than a shortcoming on the author’s part.

But even though I’m enlisting a lot of cons for this book, I actually ended up enjoying it.

Maybe it was the carefree feel of it, maybe it was Jaydon’s weird, but amusing thoughts, or maybe it’s the fact that it reminds me of one of those unrealistic anime that you binge watch in a day because real life is tough and they are light-hearted – I can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but I had a good time with this book. It’s probably due to all of the above, plus some interesting details like Eluin’s appearance changing depending on his mood or the six hundred-sixty-sixth day a demon couple spends together being special.

All in all, Midnight Twist could use some more work, but it’s still enjoyable.

Who would I recommend this book to? I’d recommend Midnight Twist to people who enjoy watching light-hearted Paranormal anime, but also like to read.

My rating: Midnight Twist by Rian Durant - Coffee Rating Midnight Twist by Rian Durant - Coffee Rating Midnight Twist by Rian Durant - Coffee Rating Midnight Twist by Rian Durant - Coffee Rating.0.5(3.5 out of 5 espressos)

Would I re-read this book? I might.

Am I interested in other books by this author? Sure, for when I need something light.

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