Wattys 2018 Announcement

Wattys 2018

The 2018 Wattys are here!

Don’t know what the Wattys (also called the Watty Awards) is? It’s an official contest held on Wattpad, by Wattpad and it takes place once every year. It’s very easy to enter:

  1. Create a Wattpad account.
  2. Log in and post your story.
  3. Tag your story with #WATTYS2018 by August 01, 2018.

You’ll find out whether you stand a chance at a Watty award by late August, when the long list of possible winners is announced. By mid-September, this list will be shortened and the winners should be contacted by the end of that month.

This year, you can win in one out of twelve categories:

  • The Originals (one-of-a-kind stories that changed the game)
  • The Breakthroughs (for the up-and-comers in storytelling)
  • The Storysmiths (the stories that wowed us with their commitment to the craft)
  • The Hidden Gems (for the emerging writers)
  • The Heartbreakers (the writers with mastery of tugging on heartstrings)
  • The Worldbuilders (for imaginative storytellers who constructed thrilling new places)
  • The Heroes (celebrates the stories that introduced us to characters we related to)
  • The Change Makers (celebrates unique stories from underrepresented points of views)
  • The Contemporaries (award celebrates the writers who are redefining what it means to be a 21st century storyteller)
  • The Revisionists (celebrates those who remix, re-imagine, and reinvigorate fictional stories, worlds, or characters we know and love)
  • The Wild Cards (for the stories that showed promise in many different genres but didn’t fit into any single box)
  • The Poets (celebrates the poems that capture visceral feelings, vibrant imagery and a mastery of language)


Q1: Can I submit an incomplete story?

A1: Yes, but it must have five or more chapters posted on or after August 02, 2017 (yes, I mean last year; the seven at the end isn’t a typo).

Q2: What if my story has less than five chapters?

A2: Then you can still enter it, but only if it’s the full story, marked as completed and posted after August 02, 2017.

Q3: Can I submit more than one story?

A3: Yes.

Q4: Can I submit a story I’ve co-written?

A4: Yes, with the approval of your co-writer(s).

Q5: Can I submit a mature story?

A5: Yes.

Q6: Can I submit a story that’s not in English?

A6: You can submit stories in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Indonesian and Malay. Stories in other languages aren’t eligible.

Q7: How old do I have to be in order to enter the Wattys?

A7: In order to create a Wattpad account (which you must have to enter), you have to be at least 13 years old. If you are over 13, but under 18, you can enter with the permission of a parent or a legal guardian. If you are over 18, you can enter no matter how old you are.

Want to know more about the Wattys? There are two places for that:

  1. A special page Wattpad has created for the event.
  2. The @TheWattys official profile on Wattpad.

You can also sign up to receive the Wattys newsletter with tips and tricks to help you prepare your story for the contest. This is something new, only having started this year, and I’ve already signed up.

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