What I Think about Thrown off Track by Tamsen Parker

Thrown Off Track - License to Love, Book 1 by Tamsen Parker

Thrown Off TrackLicense to Love, Book 1

Themes & Genres: LGBT, Contemporary Romance, bands, musicians

WARNING: Mature Content


Teague Martell has been License to Game’s bassist for over a decade, and he’s played Casanova for just as long, sleeping with almost everyone in his path. But unbeknownst to even his bandmates, it’s always felt like going through the motions.

His best friend and LtG drummer Christian Vogel has secrets of his own. Like that he’s had a crush on Teague for as long as he’s had crushes. And while LtG’s lead singer may have made his solo plans public and sent the band into a tailspin, Christian’s got a side gig as well—one he’s been keeping under wraps.

A nude photoshoot for a charity calendar has Teague seeing Christian in a different light—suddenly he knows what it is to want. But disagreements about the future of the band could impact their future as a couple. Christian and Teague have to decide whether their differences of opinion create a sweet harmony or if there’s too much discord in the duet they’re finally playing.

What I think of the book:

This is the first book by Tamsen Parker that I’m reviewing. The first one I’ve ever read, in fact. As an intro to Tamsen’s writing, I’ve got to say: not bad.

I expected more band-related content as this is a book about musicians, but the author is concentrating more on the relationship between the two main characters – Christian and Teague. As a matter of fact, all the other characters take a huge step away from the spotlight, to the point where I think the series would’ve benefitted from them having more screen time. Well, book time. Page time?


As for Christian and Teague: what is happening between them is entirely new so a lot of the book is about each man exploring the other, something I appreciate, because sometimes authors are so concentrated on giving us the physical aspects of a relationship that they forget that there’s more to it than just lusting after each other’s bodies. However…

There’s a scene from Teague’s POV – the POV switches between the two leads – in which he’s getting to know Christian in this new light he sees him and it just doesn’t read that well for me. One: he acts like he’s never had sex, and yes, I realize he’s never been with someone in the way he’s with Christian so it’s new to him, but he’s just too inadequate at reading his partner, which leads us to two: this is Christian, and Teague should be able to understand him better even in the current circumstances.

That scene aside and some repetitions – mind you, I got an ARC so the finished copy might be improved – Thrown off Track was a good book for me. It’s one of those novels that I read and I can’t pinpoint exactly what I like, but I keep on going not just because I have to finish it and write a review. It also made me pause and think about the characters, and I like books that make me think, so thumbs up for that.

Who would I recommend this book to? I’d recommend Thrown off Track to people looking for a quick read and enjoying the friends to lovers theme.

My rating: Thrown Off Track - License to Love, Book 1 by Tamsen Parker - Guitar Rating Thrown Off Track - License to Love, Book 1 by Tamsen Parker - Guitar Rating Thrown Off Track - License to Love, Book 1 by Tamsen Parker - Guitar Rating Thrown Off Track - License to Love, Book 1 by Tamsen Parker - Guitar Rating(4/5 guitars)

Would I re-read this book? Maybe.

Am I interested in other books by this author? Yes.

Where can you buy the book?

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