Writing Wednesdays: How I Wrote a Fight Scene for the First Time (Research Tips)

Writing Wednesdays - How I Wrote a Fight Scene for the First Time (Research Tips)

A few months ago, I wrote a fight scene and told my readers that it was my first time doing that. Some of them asked what kind of research I did and today I’m going to tell you that as well. Obviously, you could research other topics the same way.

First, read books.

Writing a fight scene can be tough so seeing how others have done it before you would help. I suggest you do one of these two things:

  1. When you read a particularly good scene, copy it in a notebook.
  2. Keep a database of all good fighting scenes by writing down the title of the book and the page the scene is on in a notepad.

The first one has the advantage that when you copy the scene, you can also add notes to it; the second saves you money on notebooks and space on your shelves (or wherever you keep your notebooks and notepads).

You could also write down the worst scenes you’ve read and point out what didn’t work in them and what can be done for the scenes to improve. This will make you think and help you write better (check out Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #33 – Reading Bad Books Can Improve Your Writing).

Remember: the scenes you write down are only for reference; don’t copy them to your work!

You could also, of course, watch some educational videos on the topic.

For example, with this topic, you could either watch videos of people fighting or of them training how to fight. I’d personally recommend the How To videos, as the trainer/teacher explains what should be and shouldn’t be done. Following their advice would make your writing more accurate than if you watch an uninterrupted fight scene and describe it.

This is it for this Wednesday. If you’d like to suggest a topic for another time, leave it in a comment!

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