What I Think about You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris

You, Me and Her by Tanya Chris

You, Me & Her (standalone)

Themes & Genres: M/M/F Contemporary Romance, poly

WARNING: Mature Content


Nate wasn’t made to be monogamous, a fact he never fails to disclose to his partners. No matter how much he loves the women he’s with, he sees potential in others. Does that make him a horrible person? His on-again, off-again lover and current co-star, Deb, certainly thinks so.

But his other co-star, Joshua, understands. Joshua, who’s fast becoming the best friend Nate ever had, doesn’t even mind when Nate hooks up with his wife, Sherry. Well, he does mind a little, but only because he has the hots for Nate himself.

Nate’s always known he’s polyamorous, but is he also bi? He loves being with Joshua. He loves being with Sherry. He definitely loves being with Joshua and Sherry together. Can he make the transition from loves-being-with to just-plain-loves? And even if he can, how does he fit into another couple’s relationship?

Meanwhile, the situation with Deb is growing ever more toxic, the future of their show is at stake, and not all of Nate’s friends are on board with the whole poly/bi thing. It’s a minefield Nate can only navigate with the help of one very special man.

What I think of the book:

If I’d first seen the cover to this book, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered looking at the blurb, but as luck would have it, I first read the blurb (it was sent to me by the author). And I was indeed lucky, because You, Me & Her turned out to be a very enjoyable read.

I had fun with most of the characters, save for one woman – Deb, whose lines seemed a little too forced most of the time. I would’ve also liked more of Sherry. She’s there at the beginning and at very end, but kind of gets lost in the middle, which is odd, considering she’s the “her” in the title. Maybe that’s why even though I like her, it was the male leads – Nate and Joshua, who made me turn the page and read on.

While we are on the topic of characters: something puzzled me and that was Nate’s flatmate Derek and his girlfriend Amanda. The way they are presented in You, Me & Her makes me think that there’s another book preceding this one and centering around them, even though this is supposed to be a standalone.

They – or more specifically, their engagement in BDSM – resulted in a scene that was too on the nose for me. It was when they were talking about BDSM to someone who didn’t understand it. It sounded like a lecture that the author put there to educate the reader. There were a couple of more cases like that in the book, but the subject was Nate and how he can be involved in a sexual relationship with more than one person and care for all of them.

That and Deb’s lines aside, the writing was good. While this book can get serious, there were also some really funny moments – usually just a line or two at a time – that made me laugh and think “That was clever”.

Who would I recommend this book to? I’d recommend You, Me & Her to pretty much every reader of Contemporary Romance, as long as they don’t have a problem with poly relationships.

My rating: You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris - Masks Rating You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris - Masks Rating You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris - Masks Rating You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris - Masks Rating You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris - Masks Rating (5/5 sets of drama masks)

Would I re-read this book? Maybe.

Am I interested in other books by this author? Yes.

Where can you buy the book?

  • Amazon US (link takes you straight to the book)

Add You, Me & Her to your Goodreads shelf (link takes you straight to the book)

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