Writing Wednesdays: Three Short Tips for Book Reviewers

Writing Wednesdays - Three Short Tips for Book Reviewers

Last month, I told you that I’ll be starting Writing Wednesdays – a series, in which I give writing advice, sometimes in short posts, sometimes in longer ones. The first such tip – How I Wrote a Fight Scene for the First Time, was for book/story writers, but today’s shorties are for bloggers.

Short Tip 1: Point out your favorite part in a book to get people excited about it. This is advice I should follow myself. I tend to write more about what didn’t sit well with me, and I suppose some people might be surprised I’ve given a book a 4.5/5 rating when there are three whole paragraphs about things that I thing should be edited.

Short Tip 2: Read diverse genres. If you keep reading in the same genre and sub-genre all the time, your brain will get saturated with similar content and the books will lose their charm. For example, I usually read Adult Contemporary Romance, but I’d sometimes switch to YA Fantasy or Paranormal, or a Mystery/Thriller. The change helps me appreciate the first combo more when I return to it.

Short Tip 3: Try not to read books that deal with similar and very specific issues one right after the other, because it will be very difficult for you not to compare them in your reviews and you might base your rating of the second book on what you’ve given to the first one. For example: you give Book 1 a 4/5, then move on to Book 2. It also fits your criteria for a 4/5, it isn’t as good as Book 1, so you might be tempted to lower that rating to a 3.5/5.

And… This is it. I hope you’ve found it useful. If you’d like to suggest a topic for another time, leave it in a comment!

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