What I Think about the Bound & Controlled Complete Series Audiobooks by Shaw Montgomery

Bound & Controlled The Complete Series by Shaw Montgomery (Audiobooks)

Bound & Controlled: The Complete Series

Author: Shaw Montgomery

Narrator: Kenneth Obi

Number of Books: 5

Duration: 17 hours and 26 minutes

Themes & Genres: M/M, M/M/M, Contemporary, BDSM, D/s, dominance, submission, menage, short

WARNING: Mature Content


Everyone approaches BDSM in their own way. Brothers Garrett, Brent, Grant, and Bryce are no different. While each are involved in the BDSM scene in some way, what they want varies. Dominants, submissives, and switches, get to know them as they find love and explore who they are and what they need.

The Owners: A Bound & Controlled Prequel

Bound & Controlled is a gay BDSM club that offers its members a quiet place to meet and an intriguing place to play. Owners Ben and Conner watch over the club with a firm hand and a caring heart. When they see members who are unhappy or troubled, they can’t resist stepping in and lending a helping hand.


There were only so many times in a week you should have to see someone you were…attracted to…infatuated with…but certainly didn’t have a crush on. Doms didn’t have those. Especially on a customer who probably wasn’t even gay, much less a sub. Business 101 – do not flirt with a client.  


Brent’s legendary bad luck when it came to men was undeniable. If there was a wanna-be Dom in a hundred miles, he found them. But even he couldn’t have predicted what would happen next. Mixed signals and too much time off won’t make it any better, or will it?


Grant had always loved more feminine men. A sexy guy in lingerie just did it for him. But when you looked more like a bouncer than an insurance agent, the pretty guys ran for the hills. Carter seemed different, though. When he looked at Grant, he saw the real man underneath the tattoos and muscles. Could Grant make him understand that he liked Carter just the way he was?  


Bryce was confident when it came to work and his family, but hesitant when it involved relationships. He’d found subs that he pulled to him and Doms that could make his knees weak for a scene or two, but no one that tugged at his heart or who could understand what it was like to be both a Dom and a sub – until he’d seen Troy and Oliver….

What I think of the boxed set:

Bound & Controlled: The Complete Series consists of four short books and one prequel short story. It will take you less than eighteen hours to listen through all of them, so you can easily be done with the boxed set in a weekend.

What all of the books have in common is the BDSM lifestyle, which is better than in most Eroticas that I’ve read. For example, the Doms keep questioning themselves about whether they are doing right by their subs and they do their best to take care of the subs.

However there were some inconsistencies, mainly in Brent, which was the one I disliked the most, partly because of the inconsistencies, partly because the narrator would mix up the voices in it.

This was also the case with Bryce, where there were three main characters. Even so, this book and the short prequel were my favorites in the boxed set. Oliver’s name might not have been the title, but he was the highlight in this book for me more than anything or anyone else in it.

Apart from the voice mix up, there were two other problems with the recording.

The first was when the recording stopped for a moment (it was either in The Owners or in Garrett). However! I’ve been having some problems with my computer lately, so in this case my own PC might’ve been at fault.

The second instance though was something so odd, I’m not sure how to describe it. The story stopped as the characters were speaking, there was a mumbled word or two that I couldn’t understand, and then the story resumed as if nothing happened.

But let’s get back to the story and characters.

There were no big conflicts, but there were a few misunderstandings or people being too shy or insecure to talk about their BDSM preferences, so you get some emotional tension, not just sexual. As for the R-rated parts: these are not the best sex scene I’ve read or listened to, but they weren’t awkward and definitely were closer to “good” than “average” for me. There’s a variety of kinks included, so it’s likely you’ll find yours in here.

I had a bit of a problem with how fast the characters started calling each other “mine”, but the books aren’t that long, so I guess the author had to speed things up. Another thing that might put you off is that there are too many epithets and repetitions (there are only so many times you can hear the phrase “the sexy sub”). However, there are also some cute scenes and a whole lot of food banter that takes away from the intensity of the sex scenes and gives you time to just chill along with the characters. I appreciated that because as much as I enjoy naughty content, I get bored when there’s nothing else in the book.

Who would I recommend this boxed set to? Bound & Controlled is not something I’d recommend reading/listening to if you want a moving story, but it’s something I’d suggest if you want to be turned on. A word of advice: don’t listen to the books one right after the other because the repetitions are more obvious that way. I think I would’ve enjoyed them more if I’d gone for one book per weekend.

My overall rating for the boxed set: 4/5 (4 content + 3.5 narration)

My rating for each book:

The Owners: A Bound & Controlled Prequel: 4.5 content + 3.5 narration

Garrett:  4 content + 3.5 narration

Brent: 3.5 content + 3 narration

Grant: 4 content + 3.5 narration

Bryce: 4.5 content + 3 narration

Would I listen to these books again? Probably.

Am I interested in other books by this author? Yes.

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