What I Think about Love Hate Repeat and Love Hurt Repeat by Vivyan Lynne (A 2-in-1 Review)

Love Hate Repeat and Love Hurt Repeat - Love Hate Repeat, Books 1 and 2 by Vivyan Lynne

Love Hate Repeat and Love Hurt Repeat – Books 1 and 2 of the Love Hate Repeat series

Themes & Genres: NA, Contemporary, Romance, LGBT, college


Love Hate Repeat

When Kell Roberts was with Damian Wylde in high school, it was all about the sex. No emotions, no getting invested. They split before graduating and Kell never thought he’d see Damian again.

Two years later, Kell is a techie and computer science student at the University of Washington. Seeing Damian again at a college party, sparks immediately start to fly. Kell rushes headlong into a new romance with Damian. This time trying to make it about more than just sex, but actually dating and getting emotionally involved is new territory for him. When Kell finds himself falling for Damian, he doesn’t know his own limits or how to handle getting emotionally involved. Especially when the relationship future and his own path are undefined.

Love Hurt Repeat

After a long courtship in spring quarter, Damian Wylde is finally in a committed relationship with Kell Roberts. They try to do a long-distance relationship when Kell’s away at an internship for the summer, but Damian struggles to manage daily life without him.

The distance strains their relationship. Their difficulties coming to a climax when Kell kisses someone else. Damian doesn’t know if their relationship will survive when Kell gets back for the new school year.

What I think of the books:

I rarely review more than one book at a time, and today is one of those rare occasions.

Love Hate Repeat and Love Hurt Repeat are the first two books in the Love Hate Repeat series by Vivyan Lynne. The series is on-going and covers the same couple. Since the books are very similar, what I say applies to both, unless otherwise specified.

Something was nagging me when I started the first book and a few chapters in, I realized what it was: it had the structure of a short story, however, it wasn’t a short story, and this trend went on with Book 2.

You might be wondering what I mean by having the structure of a short story. Both short works and full-length novels tend to hit the same beats, but in the case with the former, the story is sort of sped through and with less details so it can be told with a smaller word count.

In a way, the books – especially the first one – read a bit like a draft. Not a first, basic draft, but it seems that the author wanted specific events, wrote the scenes for them, and then hurriedly added a few paragraphs between these scenes to patch them together. This is what I’m used to seeing in shorter works, but I expect more in longer ones.

This is more prevalent with the first book; Book 2 gives us more and it was easier for me to connect with the characters in it.

As for the characters: I don’t think I’m the intended audience for a story with them.

I can see other people enjoying a relationship that’s unstable, and in which the characters are fighting so often, then making up and jumping into bed (mind you, the sex scenes aren’t described, so if you are not into that, these books have you covered). However, I just get annoyed by how often they get angry with each other. One would do something nice, they’d have a sweet moment, I’d think “Oh, that’s cute”, and then they’d fight. Again. And my annoyance would turn into anger and me shouting “Why? Why are you together?”

Okay. I wasn’t shouting. But I was wondering. And I’m curious to see if the third book (I don’t know if it would be the final one in the series or not) actually gives us an explanation other than that they love each other. I hope it does, because right now I see them as one of those couples in which the people love each other, but that’s not enough.

My rating for Love, Hate, Repeat: 3/5

My rating for Love, Hurt, Repeat: 3.5/5

Would I re-read these books? The first one – no, the second one – maybe.

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