HUGE Swag Pack from Author Teodora Kostova

You might already know this, but I LOVE bookish and fandom swag. I don’t have much of it, because my favorite authors are foreign and most of them aren’t even published in my country, let alone have swag items distributed here. That’s why, the most brand-related swag I have are my Milka items (that’s a brand of chocolate) and while I love the mugs, blanket, and whatnot, I’m craving more bookish items. Thus, I was over the Moon, Mars and the Milky Way, when I received a package from Teodora Kostova with not only swag items, but also a signed copy of her Ten Mile Bottom, which I reviewed in April this year. And today I’m going to show you some of that swag.

Why only some of it?

There are over FIFTY ITEMS in that box!

Today I’ll give you a sneak peek of the whole package and show you the items that are about Teodora and her books. She’s also sent me items with the logos and characters of other authors and I’m going to save those for another time.

Let’s get started! First, this is what I saw when I opened the box:

Swag Pack from Teodora Kostova - All Items 1

And here are some more of the items in it:

Swag Pack from Teodora Kostova - All Items 2

And now, here are all of the items with Teodora’s brand on them, starting with the book and…

Swag Pack from Teodora Kostova - Ten Mile Bottom (Signed)
(The top part is in Cyrillic, which is the alphabet we use in Bulgaria.)

It’s signed!

Yes, I am very excited about that; I only have one other book that’s signed by the author. Having enjoyed Ten Mile Bottom makes this even more special.

Next we have a black ink pen.

Teodora Kostova - Swag Pack - Pen

But not just any ordinary ol’ pen. See that metal line? When you pull it, you see a banner with Teodora’s books and logo; how cool is that?!

Teodora Kostova - Swag Pack - Pen
(Please ignore the scissors; I needed something heavy to help me keep the banner open so I could take the photo.)

And now we move on to some of the cutest stickers I’ve seen. They are with characters from her West End series. The larger ones are Adam and Penn from Mask (Book 2) and the heads are of Jared and Fenix from Dance (Book 1).

West End Series by Teodora Kostova - Adam and Penn from Mask - Jared and Fenix from Dance

Both books are MM Contemporary Romances, and if you click on their titles, you can read their blurbs on Goodreads and add them to your shelves; I’ve already done so myself.

There was one more Teodora-related sticker in that swag pack (MY BOOKS ARE RAINBOW BOOKS), as well as a magnet (the one with the two guys kissing).

Teodora Kostova - Swag Pack - Sticker and Magnet

I really want to get a magnetic board at some point and if I do, this magnet is going on it.

So, is this all of Teodora’s swag?

No. We have four more items. The first three are bookmarks with rainbow-colored ribbons. And if you know me, you’d know I like rainbow-colored things, so I’m digging these babies.

Teodora Kostova - Swag Pack - Bookmarks

As you can see, they are double-sided with one side having the author’s contact info, and the other – the covers to her books. If you ask me, this is swag done right, because not only do you show off your work, you also tell people where they can find you and more of your work.

And lastly, we have this little bottle with RELAX READ REPEAT written on it.

Teodora Kostova - Swag Pack - Bottle

The scent is familiar, although I’m not sure what it is. Something woody/grassy with a hint of lemon, I think… It’s really bugging me, because I know I’ve smelled something similar before, but I don’t remember what it was.

That’s it for the Teodora-related items in the swag pack. As I’ve said (well, written) above, I’ll do more posts about the other items that came in the box, but it won’t be next month; I have something else planned for my September swag post.

Anyway. I wanted to finish this by saying which my favorite items was from the ones I’ve shown you today, but I can’t pick just one. For me, first place goes to the Ten Miles Bottom signed book and the four character stickers. Yes, I know: a shocker that it’s not the cool pen, given how much I like stationary (seriously, I must have over fifty pens in probably twenty different colors), especially given the awesome pull out banner. But hey, I love books too, and the stickers are just so cute!

Which item did you like best?

Also, have you read any of Teodora’s books?

If so, which ones and what did you think of them?

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