What I Think about Seventh Born by Monica Sanz

Seventh Born - The Witchling Academy Series, Book 1 by Monica Sanz

Seventh Born – The Witchling Academy Series, Book 1

Themes & Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery, detective, magic, witches, supernatural


Abomination. Curse. Murderer. All names hurled at eighteen-year-old Seraphina Dovetail. As the seventh-born daughter to a witch, she’s the cause of her mother losing her powers and, in turn, her life.

Abandoned as a child, Sera dreams of becoming an inspector and finding her family. To do that, she must be referred into the Advanced Studies Program at the Aetherium’s Witchling Academy. Her birth order, quick temper, and tendency to set things on fire, however, have left her an outcast with failing marks…and just what Professor Nikolai Barrington is looking for.

The tall, brooding, yet exceedingly handsome young professor makes her a proposition: become his assistant and he’ll give her the referral she needs. Sera is quickly thrust into a world where witches are being kidnapped, bodies are raised from the dead, and someone is burning seventhborns alive. As Sera and Barrington grow ever closer, she’ll discover that some secrets are best left buried…and fire isn’t the only thing that makes a witch burn.

What I think of the book:

Another wonderfully engaging world of magic by Monica Sanz, author of Finvarra’s Circus, and now, of the first book in The Witchling Academy series – Seventh Born.

Why am I starting my review with an opinion about the world?

Because I love it! I chose “engaging” for a reason: the world sucks you in and you want to be a part of it… As long as you are not a seventh born.

At first I had some problems understanding why almost everyone was so prejudiced to them, but as the story progresses, we are given explanations about that, so don’t throw your book, Kindle or whatever other device you are reading on against the wall, screaming “Why is everyone here a biased asshole?”

Sure, the reasons are pretty stupid, but that’s the way in the real world too when it comes to prejudice and discrimination. People are often too ignorant or too brainwashed to realize how ridiculous or downright awful they are to those who are different, and I think Monica did a good job to portray that.

But even though discrimination plays a huge part in the story, it’s not all about that.

We have a mystery on our hands which was well-thought, even though I have to admit there were a few times when I rolled my eyes and said “You are only now noticing this?” to the characters. Also, for those who are into Romance, you will find a little something in here for you too. Seventh Born could be read as a standalone as the mystery is solved, but the first book lays a foundation for the rest of the series and the mysteries in them, and also sets the stage for the romantic relationship to develop later on, so I’d recommend you go into this knowing it would be better to get all of the novels.

Now, there are two things I’d like to point out: one to complain about, and one that puzzles me.

First, the puzzling one: the cover.

Throughout the book, we are told that Sera’s magic manifests in warm, fiery color, and yet on the cover it’s blue and white. While I was reading, I kept thinking that Sera would change or learn something new and that would switch the color of her magic, but that didn’t happen.

And yes, I know this might be nitpicking, but everything else about the cover – the way Sera looks, the way she dresses, the background – is so accurate to the story, so why not this one thing, that was stressed on in the novel?

As for the thing I’ll be complaining about: I’ll have to be somewhat vague so I’ll avoid spoilers.

Here’s the thing: Sera knows something the enemy needs, and yet, the book says they’d try to get the information from another person, and it’s never explained why the enemy wouldn’t go after Sera for it instead or as well. Everything else in the story makes sense, so this seems like a big oversight. Maybe this was fixed in the final copy (I have an ARC) or maybe it will be explained or at least brought up as a concern in the second book. I hope so, because otherwise this is not only a plothole, but a missed opportunity to make Sera a target again.

Who would I recommend this book to? I’d recommend Seventh Born to both Fantasy and Mystery lovers.

My rating: Flame - Erin Latimer - Rating.1 Flame - Erin Latimer - Rating.1 Flame - Erin Latimer - Rating.1 Flame - Erin Latimer - Rating.1 Flame - Erin Latimer - Rating.1 (5/5 flames)

Would I re-read this book? Yes.

Am I interested in other books by this author? Yes. I’d like to read the rest of the books when they come out.

Where can you buy the book?

  • Amazon US (link takes you straight to the book)

Add Seventh Born to your Goodreads shelf (link takes you straight to the book)

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