Two Years of Being an Ambassador – Wattpad Goodies

Brand goodies – gotta love ’em!

As some (most?) of you know, I’m a Wattpad Ambassador, a.k.a. a Wattpad moderator. In order for HQ to thank us volunteers for helping them out, they send us Wattpad swag packs to celebrate our Ambassador anniversaries. Last year, I posted the swag I got for one year of being an Ambassador; today, I’m going to show you what I got for Year Two.

But first, I want to introduce you to Nicky.


Nicky’s really fluffy – the photos don’t do him justice – and one of my favorite stuffed toys, and he’s going to help me show off some of the items that came in the pack.

Wattpad Ambassador Swag - 2 Years - All Swag

Now, let’s get going! We’ll kick things off with a photo of all the swag, and then I’ll give you details on each.

Let’s start with this:

Wattpad Ambassador Swag - 2 Years - Wattpad Orange Highlighter Marker

For Year One, we got a pen, and this year, it’s a highlighter. Which I like more?

It’s stationary. You won’t hear me complaining. I color code my notes for different projects, I color code my notes within each project, I color code my tasks on my calendar… Both of these come in handy.

And now, for that tiny thing on top of the photo with all the swag.

Wattpad Ambassador Swag - 2 Years - Band

At first, I thought it was a pin, but I was wrong. It’s a band you can use to keep your cables/cords untangled! The middle (where the Wattpad logo is) is actually a button and when you clip it closed, it provides you with something to wrap the cable around. This is really useful if, like me, you carry a USB cable in your bag. And speaking of cables… One came in the swag pack. Why?

Probably because it went with this:

Wattpad Ambassador Swag - 2 Years - Battery Charger

I’m not sure what the English term for it is. A spare battery? An outer battery? A charger?

Anyway. Let’s go with a battery that you can plug to your phone to charge it up. I already have one of these – it was a birthday present from my dad – but this one actually charges about ten-fifteen percent more than my older one, and it’s also smaller, which makes it easier for me to carry in my bag. There are two things the older one has that this one doesn’t – one, it comes with a flashlight, and two, it has a solar panel and can be charged from the sun – but I’m using the Wattpad one more than my old one.

Okay. So what else came in the bag?

Well… A bag. And here’s where Nicky comes in. In order for me to properly display the logo on the backpack, he’s going to hop into it.

Wattpad Ambassador Swag - 2 Years - Wattpad Logo Packpack Bag

And while Nicky is here, I’d like him to model the last item in the swag pack as well:

Wattpad Ambassador Swag - 2 Years - Keychain Phone Ribbon Band

And that’s it. Those were all the items in the pack.

Wattpad Ambassador Swag - 2 Years - All Swag plus Nicky in the bag

So, what did I like the most and what did I like the least about this swag pack?


I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get a t-shirt like we did for Year One, but we did get something we can put on – the bag – which is still practical. It’s not my favorite thing though.

My favorite is the outer battery/charger. As I’ve said, I already had one of these, but the Wattpad one works better and I’ve used it quite a few times already. It’s why this is my #1 item from the Year Two pack.

As for my least favorite: the lanyard. I like the color, but it’s not something I’d use, so it’s just a branded item that will stay put in my swag box, where I keep most of the fandom items – bookmarks, stickers, etc. – that I’ve bought  or was gifted.

What about you?

What did you think of the Year Two swag pack?

Did you like it more or less than the one for Year One?

Which was your favorite or least favorite item?

6 thoughts on “Two Years of Being an Ambassador – Wattpad Goodies

  1. Hey! The blue thing is called a lanyard! I have about a billion of them as companies and people will just give them out at like fairs and in gifts and things. But then if you want to buy a certain one it’s like $20.

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