What is Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl by Karen Booth (GIVEAWAY and Sneak Peek)

Today I’m going to introduce you to Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl – a standalone by Karen Booth. There’s a giveaway and a sneak peek, but first: a little bit about the book.

Secrets of a Somewhat Sunny Girl by Karen Booth

Release Date: October 16, 2018

Length: 318 pages

Genres: Contemporary Romantic Women’s Fiction


As sisters, they tell each other all their secrets…except one.

With divorce and infidelity hanging from nearly every branch of her family tree, Katherine Fuller sees no point in marriage. Boyfriends? Sure. Sex? Of course. Wedding vows? No, thanks. Still, when her younger sister Amy gets engaged, Katherine gathers all the enthusiasm she can. She won’t let Amy down. She’s done enough of that for a lifetime.

As the sisters embark on wedding plans, Katherine’s college love resurfaces. It nearly killed Katherine to part from sexy Irish musician Eamon more than a decade ago, but falling under his spell a second time forces her to confront everything she hid from him. The secrets surrounding her mother’s death are still fresh and raw in her mind, but one has haunted her more than the others. She can’t bear to tell anyone, especially not Amy. It could ruin far more than a wedding. It could destroy a sister’s love forever.

Sneak peek:

I was in no way prepared to tell Amy this story right now—this was the sort of thing that required a comfy place to sit and at least one bottle of wine. Per person. “It was sweet and romantic. I was a kid.” Way to undersell it.

“I want to hear everything later. Every juicy little detail.” Gleeful, she hooked her arm in mine and started walking with such force that I had no choice but to stumble along. She began to prattle on about the wedding, but I couldn’t focus, not when I knew what—and who—was waiting when we arrived at the theater. Could I do this? I’d never even bothered with the question. I’d assumed the answer was no. If my vision was a one-in-a-billion fluke, Eamon MacWard was an even more rare kind of guy.

The first time I laid eyes on him, he was setting up to perform in a pub in the small town where I lived with my host family. It was a Friday. The place was packed, smoky, and loud. I managed to grab a stool at the end of the bar, with a direct view of the tiny stage in the corner. Eamon was plugging in an amp, tuning his guitar, and wrestling with a microphone cord in earnest. His thick, wavy hair, the color of warm, black coffee, fell to his shoulders. He was lanky, his legs a mile long in dark jeans. He wore scuffed work boots and a charcoal thermal, sleeves bunched at his elbows. Scruff peppered the fair skin of his square jaw. His brows were just as dark, but heavy. He was rough-hewn perfection. And I was transfixed.

I sat there sipping Guinness, unable to tear my sight from him while he nervously double-checked every little thing. I could tell he was talking to himself, which I found adorable. The tables in front of the stage were filled with people drinking and talking. They didn’t notice a thing he did, which I couldn’t comprehend. He was right there. And he was so worth watching. When he finished his preparations, he straightened to his full height, raised his arms and stretched, revealing a narrow sliver of his stomach. I had never been more turned on in my entire life. He caught me looking and peered back with his steely-gray eyes. Heat and embarrassment crept over me. It was like he could see inside my brain and knew exactly what I was thinking. He smiled. My whole world changed. For the first time ever, I had been glad I hadn’t been prepared for something. I never would’ve believed it in the first place.

Where you can buy the book:

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Want to win a signed set of three paperbacks by Karen Booth (Secrets of a (Somewhat) Sunny Girl, Bring Me Back, Back Forever) or an e-book copy of Karen Booth’s Bring Me Back? Enter the giveaway!

About Karen:

Karen Booth is a midwestern girl transplanted in the South, raised on ‘80s music and repeated readings of Forever by Judy Blume. An early preoccupation with rock ‘n’ roll led her to spend her 20s working her way from intern to executive in the music industry. When her kids came along, she traded late nights for early mornings, writing contemporary romance and women’s fiction. Karen was a finalist for RT Magazine’s Series Romance of the Year and Gold Seal of Excellence, and the 2018 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award. Her books have been translated into seventeen languages.

Find her here:


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