Writing Wednesdays: Help Your Writing While Taking a Break

Writing Wednesdays - Help Your Writing While Taking a Break

Okay. So. You are tired, your head is buzzing with too many thoughts, and you need to chill. However, you still want to do something that would help your book. So what do you do?

Create inspiration boards on Pinterest that you can consult later to help you with a character’s general esthetic, hobbies or to set the mood for a particular scene.

Something else that sparks my creativity and gets me hyped up to create while simultaneously letting me rest, is watching other people, well, create. It doesn’t even have to be them writing, it could be them making art and talking about why they enjoy doing what they do. The latter helps me remember why I enjoy writing, even though it can be demanding and stressful sometimes.

Whether you go on Pinterest, YouTube or on someone’s blog, don’t forget that you have to eventually sit down and actually write to be a writer. Inspiration/mood boards help, but they won’t get your book finished.

So make time to relax, but also to put words to paper… Or onto whichever writing program you are using on your PC.

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