Author Interview with P.S. Malcolm (Lanterns in the Sky)

Today I’m interviewing Pagan Malcolm – an author and writing coach.

Author and Writing Coach P.S. Malcolm (Pagan Malcolm)

Q1. Hello, Pagan, and welcome to my blog! Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. How and when did you start writing fiction?

Thank you so much for having me, Dilyana!

About me… well, I’ve always loved writing and reading from a young age. My mum said that I used to draw pictures and describe stories using the pictures before I knew how to write properly.

I’ll devour any book with fantasy, royalty or romance (but preferably including all three!) I’m also fond of the odd dystopian novel, a plain romance, a contemporary… and I like to experiment writing in different genres too. But for the most part, I tend to write fantasy, contemporary and romance.

I’m obsessed with tea (and trying different flavors), I also love cats and flowers, and I’m pretty fond of video games too. At the moment I’m playing Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m also from Australia!

Q2. Ah, another tea lover! Now, tell us, who are your favorite authors and do you think they’ve influenced your work?

Definitely! There’s a few distinct authors whose writing style I’ve really loved, and as I was developing my own writing style I would pick up techniques that I liked from these authors so they have definitely been an influence.

One of the first authors I became obsessed with was Michelle Jaffe. I loved her humorous, comedic style and I believe she helped me develop a sense of humor in my own writing.

I also love A. G. Howard because of how gorgeous and lyrical her Splintered series is. I love those books so much (the storyline is amazing) and I was in total awe of her writing abilities. I knew I wanted to write as well as she does.

Q3. I recently uploaded a cover reveal post for your Lanterns in the Sky; tell us, when is the book coming out, what it’s about and who do you think would enjoy it?

I’m so excited for this book to come out! You’ll be able to get your hands on it on April 2nd, 2019.

It’s about a reincarnated starlight princess who must stop a war from her past. You’ll follow Lucy Maisfer as she seeks to protect her best friend from a mysterious boy and unravel the secrets of her past—only to discover how all three of them are connected in the grand scheme of things.

It’s full of twists and dark, gritty characters. Many people have said they love what I do with the character relationships in the book (which was one of my big goals—I wanted to write a tragedy story with an unpredictable ending).

If you love magic, royalty, romance, and are craving a story about best friends kicking ass, then you’ll love this book.

Q4. I know this isn’t the first book you publish. What is your first novel about?

My first book is completely different! It’s called Stuck On Vacation With Ryan Rupert and it’s a contemporary romance… with a twist (I love my twists hahaha).

Aubany Winters must go on vacation with her next-door neighbor (and worst enemy)— the egotistical Ryan Rupert— to a tropical island. Except she has a crippling fear of the ocean, and Ryan will stop at nothing to make her life a living hell. Oh, and there’s a psychopath trying to kill them.

Fun times! 😉

Q5. And speaking of books and publishing: you have a blog and a Facebook group to help authors and you also offer advice in online classes; would you explain to the audience something about that? Who can join the group and how could a person know when you are offering a new class?

Absolutely! So, apart from writing my butt off, I also make a full time living coaching aspiring authors in all aspects of writing, publishing and marketing.

There’s a plethora of helpful articles on my biz blog, Paperback Kingdom, and my Facebook writer’s group is a completely free space where you can access resources, worksheets, and live trainings! Any and all aspiring authors are welcome.

The group is called Happily Ever Author and you can join it here.

It’s the best place to get notified about new classes because I’m very active in there.

Q6. What about your fiction? Is there anywhere people can sign up to get notified when you have a new book out?

Yes! If you join my Book Updates mailing list I’ll send you regular email updates about any books coming out.

Q7. Where else can people find you?

Q8. Thank you for giving me this interview, Pagan!

Thank you again for having me! It was fun!

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