Writing Wednesdays: 40 Words to Describe Your Character’s Eyes

Writing Wednesdays - 40 Words to Describe Your Character's Eyes

Today I’m going to give you forty words that will help you describe your character’s eyes. These terms are sorted in three categories: COLOR, SHAPE, and OTHER.


  • amber
  • blue
  • brown
  • green
  • grey
  • hazel
  • red
  • heterochromic – when a person has heterochromia, their eyes are of a different color from one another (complete heterochromia) or there’s a section of one of their eyes that is a different color (partial/sectoral heterochromia)


  • almond
  • close-set
  • deep-set
  • downturned
  • hooded
  • round
  • upturned
  • wide-set


  • beady – small, round, bright
  • big
  • bloodshot
  • bug-eyed – a bug-eyed person is one whose eyes stick out
  • clear
  • cross-eyed
  • dead – emotionless
  • doe-eyed – big, attractive, might give a sense of inexperience or innocence
  • droopy/with droopy eyelids
  • heavy – sad, tired
  • hollow
  • lidded
  • liquid – shiny, clear
  • monolid
  • pop-eyed – eyes that stick out
  • protruding
  • red-eyed
  • rheumy
  • shuttered – partially closed
  • small
  • sunken
  • swollen
  • teary-eyed
  • with dilated pupils

Here are a few more word lists to help you create and describe your characters:

Do you know any other words that fit into this list?

Share them in the comments where you can also request a list on a particular topic.

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