What is Touch of Silk by Patricia Hoving (Blurb and Teaser)

Today I’m going to introduce you to the standalone work by Patricia Hoving – Touch of Silk.

Touch of Silk by Patricia Hoving

Themes & Genres: Contemporary Romance, Flash Fiction, Short Stories


None of the characters in Touch of Silk are looking for love.

Instead, they’re running from troubled pasts, social improprieties, and the law.

At a paintball tournament, Cheryl finds her career and heart on the line. Latasha finds out that she is pregnant and must make a decision that affects the rest of her life. Cassie’s moving into her new home and finds love between the sheets. Mia must find purpose at a homeless shelter or forfeit her soul. Tabitha must trust the janitor with her life. An old man spends his birthday with a stripper. Taylor, on the run from the law, tries to get her help into bed. And all of the stories are interwoven with a touch of silk. Readers will enjoy the subtle, but powerful emotions these stories invoke.


Touch of Silk by Patricia Hoving - Teaser

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About the author:

Patricia Hoving

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