Writing Wednesdays: Two Things That You MUST Have in Your Novel

writing wednesdays - two things that you must have in your novel

This tip is so short, it would’ve been at home in my Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips series (click here for a list of all tips, sorted by topic), but since I put a stop to those at Tip #100, I’ll have to include it in Writing Wednesdays.

So: what are these two things that are a must for your novel?

Desire and stakes.

If a readers doesn’t know what the character desires, how are they supposed to root for that character?

The MC will seem incomplete, flat,  directionless. Furthermore, if they have no desires, what’s the story about in the first place?

The stakes also endear the character to a reader so tell us what the character stands to lose. Even if it’s something that might seem trivial to most people, make it important to the character and show us why it’s so important.

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