Writing Wednesdays: My 20 Steps to Writing and Posting a Blog Post | Plus Tips on Blogging

Writing Wednesdays - My 20 Steps to Writing and Posting a Blog Post Plus Tips on Blogging

Some people seem to think that blogging is quick and easy. That we, bloggers, just sit down, write something random and hit “Publish”. To get rid of this misconception – and to help people who want to start a blog, but don’t know how to go about their posts – I’m sharing with you my steps to creating blog posts, plus a few tips to help you with the process.


  1. Come up with a topic. This could literally take days.
  2. Research that topic. This could also take days.
  3. Write the blog post. Could take forty minutes, could take four hours. And I actually write short blog posts.
  4. Come up with a title. I’m not good with these, so after a long brainstorming session, I usually come up with something lame.
  5. Create a graphic. Something else I’m not particularly good at. This in itself has a few stages: find a suitable image and edit it (change colors and contrast, add texture(s), resize, add the title of your blog post, etc.).
  6. Edit blog post. I didn’t put this immediately after “Write the blog post” as it’s best to let some time pass between the writing and editing stages.
  7. Upload blog post (along with title and graphic, of course).
  8. Add a “Read More” tag which allows you to display only the beginning of your post on your Home page. This way you can feature more posts on your Home page than if you display the whole post.
  9. Link relevant posts in the post you are currently writing (“If you want to read more on this topic, check out”, “Other books by this author that I’ve reviewed are”, etc.).
  10. Set links to open in a new window.
  11. Recolor the links to stand out from the rest of the text and to fit your theme (I use #089999 instead of the set color code for my theme).
  12. Put the post in a category to make it easier for your readers to find (and also for you to reference if needed).
  13. Add relevant tags (for the above reasons).
  14. Write an excerpt in the “More options” section. I don’t know if this works on other platforms, but on WordPress, the snippet you’ve written appears as a description about that posts when you share it on social media.
  15. Proofread everything. That means the title, the blog post itself and the snippet. Also check if you’ve categorized it correctly and added the right tags.
  16. Finally hit “Post”.
  17. Go to the Home page on your blog and see if the “Read More” tag works. If it does, only a part of your post will be displayed, followed by a “Read more” link.
  18. Click “Read more” or the title of the post to open up the actual post and go over it one last time. Click on the links to make sure they open to the correct page and in a new window. Also check if the category and tags are correct. Yes, again. Due to (I’m guessing) glitches, on a few occasions everything looked fine for me in the writing/editing mode, but once I posted it, it went up as Uncategorized, without an image or without spacing between paragraphs.
  19. Go back to the writing/editing mode and fix anything if necessary.
  20. Share post on social media, tagging the people you’ve mentioned in the post (when possible) and using hashtags. For example, if you’ve reviewed a really good book, you can tag your post as #BookReview and #MustRead.


  1. As I said, coming up with a topic could take a really long while. Here’s my tip about that: if you’ve decided to create let’s say ten blog posts in March, dedicate a day in February solely to brainstorming possible topics.
  2. Again on creating blog posts: ask the community. I often encourage my readers to get in touch with me and ask me questions about writing. Many of the Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips are answers to questions that I’ve gotten.
  3. On covers: don’t just Google a topic, download a pretty picture that fits it and then upload it to your post. Chances are, that picture is copyrighted. Search for CC0 images. CC0 is a license type that allows you to get the image for free, change it to your needs and use it. Oh, and if you are too busy to search, here are ten sites that offer CC0 images.

Want more blogging tips? Here you go:

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