What is Michael James by Lisa Andrew (Book Excerpt)

Today I’m going to introduce you to Michael James – a standalone by Lisa Andrew. There’s an excerpt for you guys to check out, but first: a little bit about the book.

Michael James by Lisa Andrew

Themes and genres: Erotica, Psychological Thriller

WARNING: Mature Content


The celebrity life is exquisite and filled with the absolute finest of all items. But hidden from the world may be a dark sex life you could never imagine. So when one of the world’s most famous couples attempts to deal with a detrimental secret in private, deceit begins to entangle their relationship.

The Queen is a successful CEO married to one of the most powerful men in the country. Not only is she a sexual assault survivor, she’s battling individual men, general accepted misogyny, and corporate business matters on a day to day basis. She’s successful, powerful, corrupt, and manipulative – everything you need to be a class A bitch. Fighting for her right to a woman’s place in the corporate business world, it’s just another day for her at the office and she’s used to it. But while her successful renowned husband decides to admit one of his deepest secrets, her world begins to change forcing her to step up her game with the push and pull of control.

Michael James is one of the world’s most successful business owners. As a household name, you rely heavily on the companies he owns, runs and invests in for services and items. He’s seen in the news on a regular basis but keeps his personal life surprisingly hidden. He controls everything and everyone around him, no matter what the price or what it takes. So when his darkest secret is revealed, it forces him to control more than ever before. Determined to get his life back in order, to protect his reputation and public identity, and to ensure his wife’s life, how far will he go?

From the bestselling erotica writer Lisa Andrew, comes this sexy psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.


The intensity in her eyes grow and she takes her time, quietly commanding him, “Lift my foot off the floor, but make sure my beautiful heel stays on my foot.”

With precision and his own grin growing, he carefully lifts her foot off the floor, holding it in front of him, as if it was about to stab him in the chest. He looks the shoe over with greed and lust. “It’s beautiful isn’t it, Ruin? These shoes.” She admires them with the handsome young man in front of her, with a grin.

“Yes, Miss, they are. Beautiful, like you.”

She ignores his compliment and continues with self-assurance, “Two-thousand for the pair, worth every penny. You know, they say a shoe says a lot about a person. Take my Louboutin’s here for example; cream coloured stilettos with a very thin steel heel. Strong backbone, five inches in height that create confidence, and the cream colour appearing to make them docile. And the signature mark of a dark red paint hidden on the bottom. What would you say, Ruin? Accurate description?”

He licks his lips, clearly drinking her in before answering promptly, “Yes, I’d say that’s very accurate, Miss.”

She turns the heel in his hand, and delays what he’s been more or less, promised. “Yours; newer, black, thick, strong. Reliable. The most important part is made of steel, and can’t be punctured.” Her eyes travel from her heel to his eyes. She pauses to look deep into them and holds back a smile. He reminds her of a younger version of Michael in some ways, and in others, more delicate than she imagines Michael could ever be. She softens her voice, seductively, “Can you be punctured, Ruin?” Before he can answer, her eyes return to her high-class stiletto and she vocally sighs at them, “I love my shoes, they deserve more love.” She remains still, staring at her shoe, while she can see he’s patiently waiting for his prize. “Suck.”

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Want to know more about Lisa? Read the interview she gave me!

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