Author Interview with Hudson Lin (+ Sneak Peek from Fly with Me)

Today I’m interviewing Hudson Lin whose short Fly with Me was reviewed by yours truly last week. Check the bottom of the post for a sneak peek from that book.

Hudson Lin

Q1. Hello, Hudson, and welcome to my blog! Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. How and when did you start writing?

Thanks for having me! I write queer romances featuring people of color, primarily characters of East Asian descent. Most of my books have some element of #ownvoices to them because, as a queer person of color, it’s important to me to write stories that reflect my own life and identity.

I’ve been scribbling romantic stories since I was in high school, but began writing seriously a few years ago. At that time, I was working abroad and didn’t have much of a community to hang out with, so I created my own community of make-believe characters!

That first story turned into Stepping out in Faith, a book about a deeply closeted priest who embarks on a journey to reconcile his sexuality with his faith.

I eventually turned my time abroad into a book too! Three Months to Forever is about an adventure seeking hero who is sent on a three-month work assignment to Hong Kong where he meets an older man and falls in love.

As these two books demonstrate, I write widely ranging romances about people from all walks of life finding their happily ever afters.

Q2. Who are your favorite authors and do you think they’ve influenced your work?

Vanessa North and AJ Cousins are two of my favorite authors. They both write stories from across the LGBTQ spectrum with nuanced and realistic characters. Vanessa and AJ write books that wrestle with real life struggles in a positive and uplifting way, but doesn’t diminish their complexity and messiness. I’ve tried to learn from their writing and strike that same balance with my stories.

Q3. I recently reviewed your Fly with Me; tell us, what inspired the novella? Is any of it based on real people or situations?

Fly with Me is about two flight attendants falling in love as they fly from Toronto to Rome, Paris, and London.

I spend a lot of time on airplanes for my day job and I’ve always wondered about the secret lives of the flight attendants. Sharply dressed, often with polite smiles, they manage to keep their cool when the passengers freak out. I wanted to weave my own little fantasy about what happens when passengers aren’t looking.

Rome, Paris, and London are three beautiful European cities that I’ve been lucky enough to have visited. I thought they would make the most romantic backdrop for the two main characters—Vivian and Marco—as they fell in love. I hope readers will enjoy the journey the books takes them on!

Q4: What are you working on right now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I’m putting the finishing touches on a short story called IPSO FACTO ILU that will appear in an anthology in May.

Brandon is a socially awkward political science PhD student with a massive celebrity crush on podcaster and political pundit, Jonny. When Jonny gets offered a research fellowship at Brandon’s school, Brandon’s academic advisor volunteers him to show Jonny around.

Their instant connection only grows stronger as they bond over political science nerdery and Voltron! But with a competing job offer across the country, Jonny holds the future of their budding relationship in his hands.

Q5: Who is your biggest supporter and what would you like to say to them?

My writing friends are by far my biggest supporters. They are encouraging when the writing and publishing road gets difficult, they share their expertise and experience with me, and I’ve learned so much from them. I owe them a huge thanks for their friendship!

Q6: If you could give other authors one piece of advice, be it about writing, editing, promoting or increasing their audience, what would it be?

You are not alone! Writing can be a very solitary activity, but I’ve met so many wonderful people who are willing to share their experiences. Whatever difficulty or challenge you may encounter, you aren’t the first one to face it. Having people around you who can give advice and cheer you on makes the writing and publishing journey so much more meaningful.

Q7: Thank you for giving me this interview, Hudson! Before we part, tell us: where can we connect with you online?

Thanks for letting me stop by! You can find all my books on my website, and I’m on all the usual social media platforms:


And now, for the sneak peek I promised you:

“Hey, Vivian’s dad!” Marco was all smiles, waving enthusiastically to the camera. “I’m Marco, Vivian’s friend.”

Vivian spun the phone around to point it at herself. “We work together,” she clarified.

Marco laughed. “Right, sorry, we work together. Not friends, at least not yet.”

Oh God. Now she was the ungrateful snob who didn’t have the courtesy to call a co-worker a friend. But Marco was still smiling at her like becoming friends was inevitable, and for some reason it made her pulse race a little faster. It must be the heat of the sun getting to her.

“Anyway, Marco apparently knows stuff about the Colosseum.” She turned the camera back to him.

“As a matter of fact, I do.” He pointed to the pillar closest to them, and Vivian followed with the phone. “You see the pockmarks in the walls? The stone walls used to be decorated with colorful marble pieces. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Colosseum fell into disuse and people started looting anything valuable they could get their hands on. That’s what all the pockmarks are. A lot of the marble pieces from here ended up in St. Peter’s Basilica over at the Vatican.”

Marco appeared pleased with himself. “Impressive, right?”

“Who? You or the looting Catholics?” Vivian shot back with a grin. It was an impressive piece of trivia, but she had to keep his ego in check.

“Me. Of course.” He walked backward along the wide cobblestoned street that surrounded the building, and she followed him while recording. “You know what the inside looks like, right? Big, open arena?”


“The Romans used to be able to flood the whole thing and reenact naval battles in the same space.”

“That sounds like a lot of water.”

“That’s the Romans, go big or go ho—” Marco’s foot caught on a protruding cobblestone, and he pinwheeled his arms as he went down hard.

Vivian burst into a gut-shaking laugh. “Oh my God, are you okay?” She rushed over to where he lay on his back.

“Are you still recording?” Marco shouted, making no move to stand.

Only then did Vivian realize she’d been watching him through the screen of her phone. “Oh shit. Sorry!” She saved the video and put the phone away. “Seriously, you all right?”


She offered her hand, which he took, and together they managed to get Marco back on his feet. He brushed off his backside, and Vivian turned him around to check the damage.

“How’s my ass look?” Marco massaged his tailbone.

“Like there’s enough padding to cushion the fall.” Which was to say, pretty damn good. Vivian put some distance between them before she was tempted to give his cheeks a squeeze. She stuck her hands into her pockets just to be safe.

“It’s called a bubble butt, for your information.” He had the good humor to feign offense.

Vivian schooled her face and nodded in solemnity. “Noted.”

They both broke into smiles at the same time, and there went Vivian’s pulse, picking up speed under the warmth of Marco’s grin.

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