Interview with Lisa Andrew (Author of Michael James)

Today I’m interviewing Lisa Andrew, author of Michael James.

Lisa Andrew

Q1. Hello, Lisa! Welcome to my blog! Tell the readers a little bit about yourself. How and when did you start writing?

First of all, thank you for this opportunity, Dilyana!

I’ve been writing publicly for five years now. Before I began publishing to Amazon, I like to say I gained lots of practice writing real person fanfiction. The audience was readily available and very eager, and the reactions were immediate. I also met some incredibly wonderful people I was able to learn from. They’ve helped me get to where I am today. I’m very fortunate for them. I may still have a long way to go in my adventure as an author, but I’ve discovered much, so far.

Q2. Who are your favorite authors and do you think they’ve influenced your work?

Yes, they make me strive for not just a story, but something that makes readers think.
I like mind-bending creations, even movies written that way. I like the idea that not everything is what it seems, and the author or screenwriter may force us to see from a viewpoint that doesn’t tell us everything on purpose. I definitely think the works of Stephen King, Gillian Flynn, and Paula Hawkins have influenced my writing to be better and to add the twists. I’ve even taken influence from directors David Fincher and screenwriter M Night Shyamalan. One of my favourite horror screenwriters – Leigh Whannell who wrote and directed Saw, has really motivated me to create something different. I don’t see the thriller genre blended with erotica, often.

Q3. I recently featured your Michael James, here, on Dilyana’s World; tell us, what inspired the book?

Most importantly, thank you for the feature! I appreciate you helping me get the word out about this particular book!

The inspiration for this particular story is everything from what I like, to how I see the world, to what should be change in society. It includes proper protocol on BDSM, a behind the scenes look at a celebrity’s hidden life, and the misogyny of what some women face in the professional business world. I’ve always thought the best way to get people to see different perspectives they might not agree with or choose to see, is through creativity. So those have been included as well.

I wanted to write a strong female character that wouldn’t roll over for just anyone, a woman who earned her way to live her life like a man does, and so The Queen was born.

As for Michael James himself, well I started writing this story when I was still writing fanfiction, so technically it’s fanfiction – but I can’t tell you who it is! This famous well-known actor has been stuck in my head for a very long time. I wanted a memorable role he would play in a movie – very intelligent, successful, stylish, but with a bit of a twisted mind – the unexpected.

Q4: What are you working on right now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I have a few things in the works. I’m working on a collection of three screenplays. One of which features a student/teacher relationship with a tragedy built-in. The second is about a story that happens behind the scenes in the celebrity lifestyle, with all the dark secrets of the Hollywood life around it. And the third is Michael James, the screenplay! I’m excited about all three.

I also have started a new novel about swingers, and in the midst of it all, it turns dark.
Finally, I’m almost always brainstorming on short stories, and getting ready for the release of Confessions of Forbidden Sex, Volume II.

A writer is never on vacation. They’re always writing, or thinking about writing!

Q5: Who is your biggest supporter and what would you like to say to them?

Ugh, this is such a tough question to answer because I have countless invaluable people around me that have supported me for the last five years. I’ve had people who have been there from the beginning who are still there now and jump at the chance to grab their own books of mine. I have people who I just met who are incredibly helpful towards me making that next step. And I have people who I just couldn’t bear to be an author, without. I just can’t narrow it down to one!

My husband believes in me in a way that no one else truly does, and he’s given me the opportunity to live my dream. But I also have a few very dear friends that help me immensely with my work, and who encourage me to keep writing the way I want to write. Cass, Susan, and Carol.

Q6: If you could give other authors one piece of advice, be it about writing, editing, promoting or increasing their audience, what would it be?

Just write what you want. There are going to be people who view your work and will criticize, but that’s not for you to listen to. You’re creating something and you are an artist, so there is no right or wrong, just what feels good to you. And if you like it, someone else is guaranteed to like it too. Just keep writing what you want to write.

Q7: Thank you for giving me this interview, Lisa! Before we part, tell us: where can we connect with you online?

Once again, thank you for this opportunity, Dilyana!

I’m active on Instagram (@lisathewife101), Facebook, Twitter (@thewife101), and Amazon.

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