What is As Silver Is to the Moon by R. A. Watt (GIVEAWAY and Excerpt)

Today I’m going to introduce you to As Silver Is to the Moon – a standalone by R. A. Watt. There’s a giveaway and an excerpt, but first: a little bit about the book.

As Silver Is to the Moon by R. A. Watt

Publication date: April 28, 2019

Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult


New school. First love. A psychotic werewolf that wanted me dead. And it was only week one in Santa Isadora.

For fifteen-year-old Teavan Laurent and his older sister Suzanne, Santa Isadora seemed like a sleepy and idyllic California town to finish high school after their unexpected move west from New York City.

As he struggles to make friends in a town shrouded in secrets, Teavan soon finds himself the target of an irrational tormentor and rumored-to-be werewolf. The revenge-obsessed psycho vows to wipe out Teavan and his small family due to past wrongs beyond Teavan’s control or knowledge. The twisted legacy left to him by his late grandfather brings Teavan at odds with everything he knows to be true—or at least everything he thought to be true.

The impossible truth of the tale begins to gain traction at his first wolf sighting, and Teavan and Suzanne soon find themselves in the crosshairs of the dark and secretive lycan world of Santa Isadora.

Stalked by a legend that shouldn’t exist, Teavan must decide how far he is willing to go to save those that he loves and come to terms with what lurks from within.


Minutes—or hours later—I awoke.

Everything was different.

The evening sounds were incredibly loud, like my ear buds were connected to microphones placed in each garden and tree in the area.

And the smells.

As I lay sideways in the grass and took in a deep breath, I could swear it had been freshly watered then cut just minutes ago. It was overwhelming.

Hunger. My stomach burned, but not with pain now, but with need. Ravenous hunger throttled me awake, and I opened my eyes, blades of grass an inch away as I lay on my side.

Things were not right, but I was feeling better. Much better.

The most delicious scent possible waffled past me. It was like the moment the lid was removed from a freshly cooked roast beef; when the humid aromas escaped the pan’s enclosure and flooded your senses.

I needed to eat it. Now.

I jumped to my feet, and my legs instinctively carried me at lightning speed through the yards and bushes of the street. The scent of roast became more pungent with each step.

Only it was like I was being carried along for the ride; fast, and low to the ground. Willing myself to slow, I looked down and stumbled.

Two giant gray paws stood in the grass.

They moved as I willed them to.

Before I could register the shock, I was running again. My quarry was not far, and my body craved the nourishment it would provide. There was no choice, it was instinctual.

The roast turned out to be a brown rabbit, which I caught off guard and quickly took down under the umbrella of a pine tree. I tore at the fur and meat as it kicked and pulsed in my jaw, nothing had ever tasted so good. All other thoughts vanished to the back of my mind.

More. I needed more. Meat was all I could think of.

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About R.A. Watt:

Ryan is a husband and a father of three children. A lover of food, wine, sunshine, skiing, and fiction.

Although his background is in finance, he has always had a love of books, particularly fiction, since a  young age and has been an avid reader ever since. Ryan’s favorite books are deep, engrossing novels that may not necessarily win Pulitzer Prizes, but are difficult to put down.

Reading should be fun, absorbing, and a step away from our ordinary world. No matter what the critics say about the book on your nightstand, if you don’t look forward to reading each night it’s not the right book for you!

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