What is Wood Working: A Lumberjack Romance by Eliza Loveless (Blurb and Excerpt)

Today I’m going to introduce you to Wood Working: A Lumberjack Romance by Eliza Loveless. There’s an excerpt, but first: a little bit about the book.

Wood Working A Lumberjack Romance by Eliza Loveless

Themes and genres: Short Story, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, LGBT lit



What happens when a stressed-out woman in a dead-end job meets two handsome lumberjacks during her stay in a secluded cabin? She joins these men for dinner, which quickly takes on a scandalous turn. Soon Penelope finds herself knee-deep in a cuckolding scene, and the night has only just begun…


I went into the forest seeking stillness. Or at least that’s what I told myself. Stillness, stillness, stillness. I focused on those words as if my head might explode if I allowed myself to break concentration for one second.

My god, did my body hurt. It would seem that all of my stress from working at Coxburn Auction House had gathered right at the base of my neck and trickled down my spine. The tension was so tight, I could feel it stabbing at me like a million little knives, but I didn’t focus on that. I focused on the road that was laid out in front of me. The red and orange leaves from the old oak trees glowed like dying embers against the backdrop of autumn’s early dusk. They swirled above me and hurried across the graveled pathway. I rolled down the window to touch one, but it was the wind that came up to greet me. It brushed my hand and kissed my cheek. The touch between us was so startlingly cool that it caused my fingertips to tingle, and that feeling spread upward into my body, almost numbing my pain – almost.

My shoulders shrieked, and my back grumbled with every slight movement I made, but it wasn’t long before I parked beside an empty log cabin and was stretching my aching muscles under the pale glow of a full moon.

I grabbed a few pieces of luggage from the back seat and locked my car. I packed light for this occasion as I didn’t plan to stay long here. However, my houndstooth travel bag and my camera’s carrying case might as well have been made of lead with how quickly I dropped it on my brand-new leather boots.

“Bad girl,” said a voice behind me.

Whirling around on my heel, I turned around in an instant, and what I saw made my breath hitch in the back of my throat.

It was a little too dark to get a good look at this man, but his tanned skin was dry, and rough in a few places. His eyebrows were bushy but sat nicely on his face. A full, chestnut brown beard framed his sharp jaw and crooked smile. I couldn’t deny that his features were on the rugged side of charming, but it was his eyes that were most intriguing. The darkness of his pupil was surrounded by a jagged ring of silver, swallowed by an ocean of blue that made up his iris. His eyes sparkled, but as I lingered in his gaze, I noticed a glimmer of sorrow shining behind his gentle eyes.

“Sorry about Sibbie,” he said. His voice was warm and apologetic.


I looked down and saw a black and white mixed puppy bouncing around my knees.

“She’s young and full of energy, and we –” he paused motioning to the neighboring cabin, “my husband that is, still haven’t managed to teach her manners yet.”

I put a friendly smile on my face and laughed. “That’s quite all right,” I said. “Your puppy is cute. Sibbie, you said her name was?”

The man’s smile broadened, forcing little dimples to appear on both sides of his face. “That’s right,” he said, sticking out his hand. “My name is Beau, by the way. Beau Grant.”

“Penelope,” I said, shaking his callused palm with a firm grip. “Penelope Bowers.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said with a polite tilt of his head.

Once our hands broke free, I gathered my things and indulged myself in one last idling glace at boyishly handsome Beau. “You too,” I answered as I turned away.

“My husband and I were about to eat some pizza,” Beau called after me. “You’re welcome to come by if you’re hungry. We have plenty to share.”

“Thanks,” I said over my shoulder, “but I have a bed inside that’s calling my name.”

“Goodnight Penelope,” said Beau, his answer drifting to me like a melancholic song.

My goodbyes slid absentmindedly from my lips while I turned a worn, iron key a quarter to the right and stepped over the rustic threshold.

Inside, the cabin was sublime, quiet, and cool. The radiator by the corner window gave me a warm welcome as I got acquainted with this new space. From where I was standing, I could view the dark, moonlit trees of Mist Haven Forest grouped in silent formation. The light rustling of wind soothed some tense part of my soul as I got comfortable on the pillowy queen-sized bed, pulling the latch from my camera bag and pointed my lens towards the stars that were reflected in the clear mirror of Solitude Lake. I hovered over the shutter button as I zoomed in to focus on the ancient light of the faraway stars, my heart thumping with every second that I searched for the perfect shot. Finally, my finger came down and this moment was immortalized to a space inside my SD card.

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About Eliza:

Hello, my name is Eliza Loveless. I am an erotica writer. For about a decade, I have cut my teeth on fan-fiction for many years, and now I’m ready to move into the publishing world.

I grew up in North Carolina and lived in California for a few years. I’ve now been given the opportunity to move around the world every couple of years, but my heart will always be split in half and buried in North Carolina red clay and California sand.

I write supernatural, sci-fi, and contemporary slice of life romance stories that showcases the human experience and what it means to learn from our struggles. I specialize in novel-length and short stories.

Find her here:

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