Writing Wednesdays: When to End a Chapter

Writing Wednesdays - When to End a Chapter

In today’s Writing Wednesdays post, I’ll be replying to a question I’ve gotten dozens of times: how long does a chapter need to be?

There are things to consider when it comes to ending your chapter – word count could vary by genre and your personal style – but the shortest, most accurate answer I could give is: a chapter ends where it needs to end.

Vague, I know, but stop worrying about word counts.

If you’ve said everything you needed to say in this chapter and the last sentence is something that would make your reader move on to the next one, then now is the time to end it.

Whether it’s 3 000 words or 2 000: who cares?

Your readers won’t count every single word then write you an angry tweet about not having the perfect chapter length.

Just make sure to entertain them, don’t confuse them, and have them craving more.

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