What I Think about Unscripted Hearts by Peter Styles (Audiobook Review)

Unscripted Hearts by Peter Styles (Narrator - Randi Johnson)

Unscripted Hearts (standalone)

Author: Peter Styles

Narrator: Randi Johnson

Themes and genres: Contemporary LGBT Romance, gay, parenthood

WARNING: Mature Content



I never imagined I’d get this kind of news. Suddenly, I have a nephew that is an orphan. I can’t understand what happened and I still half-expect my sister to walk through the door at any moment. He’s never leaving my arms again.

Yet here comes Mr. Big Shot, ready to steal the last bit of my sister that I have away from me. I’ll do anything to keep him. Even if that means seducing the guy that disappeared over a decade ago. His Hollywood dreams were more important than us small-town yokels. Wasn’t that what he said?

Sure, he’s a charmer, but he’s not getting my nephew.


When I donated my sperm to let my best friend and her wife have a child of their own, I never expected that I’d end up involved in their son’s life. We’d made an agreement long before the procedure took place and, though I’d wanted to be involved afterward, I had adhered to it. He was their son. I knew they’d take care of him.

At least, until something terrible happened. Now I have to face fatherhood with… him.

God, I’ve loved him since I was old enough to know what love is. He’s never had a clue. Now I’m supposed to cope with him so close, still ignoring what I want?

What I think of the book:

This book started off slowly, but I was relieved to find out it picks up.

What I thought would be a book about two adults grieving while learning to take care of a kid and each other, turned out to be more of two adults falling in love… Oh, and there’s a kid, by the way.

A lot of the time the child was there as a plot convenience. That was the case with the side characters too. Actually, here’s a list of a few things that bugged me while I listened to this book.

One: the author is trying very hard to tell us how likable Ben is and how much he doesn’t appreciate himself. It’s very in your face because of how the characters are acting.

Two: characters would sometimes contradict themselves. An example of this is when Micah gets nervous because he needs to fly back to LA for work and Ben reassures him (quoting from memory) “don’t worry; everyone has to balance work and parenting”, but in the next chapter Ben gets angry at Micah for having to leave, claiming that Micah is irresponsible and doesn’t care because he flies off the moment he gets a message from his agent.

Three: the characters sound like characters. Confused?

Let me clarify.

When I’m reading a book, even if it’s set in a Fantasy/Paranormal world, I sometimes forget that I’m not reading about real people. With Unscripted Hearts, this was rarely the case with the male characters and never with the females. I don’t know if it’s the way the women are written or the way their parts are read, but I couldn’t connect to a single one of them.

Speaking of the way the book is read: the narrator is better with male roles than he is with females, and I don’t mean just when it comes to doing the voices. But again, the lack of connection with the girls could be due to how they are written.

You’d think that with so many complaints I’d hate the book, but that isn’t the case. It’s not making its way into my Favorites list, but I didn’t hate it or even dislike it. It was just something to pass the time with, not fall in love with.

My rating: Rend - Riven Series, Book 2 by Roan Parrish - Heart Rating Rend - Riven Series, Book 2 by Roan Parrish - Heart Rating Rend - Riven Series, Book 2 by Roan Parrish - Heart Rating Unscripted Hearts by Peter Styles - Half Heart Rating (3.5/5 hearts)

Would I re-listen this book? I might.

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