Writing Wednesdays: Ways to Show Your Character is in Love (Part One)

Writing Wednesdays - Ways to Show Your Character is in Love (Part One)

This post is going to be part of the Show Don’t Tell subseries of the Writing Wednesdays series in which I give you words and phrases to help you describe (a.k.a. show) the state your character is in and what they are feeling; unlike my previous SDT posts, this one is going to be in two parts (the second one is here) and I have a good reason for that.

You see, the first part is going to give you ideas on how to show that one character is in love, whereas Part Two will show what kind of behavior a couple could engage in.

Let’s get started.

  1. The character keeps smiling at nothing
  2. They have a look of yearning in their eyes
  3. They part their lips
  4. They lick their lips
  5. They can’t focus
  6. They pay more attention to their appearance than usual (try to lose weight, tone their muscles, use makeup, buy better fitting clothes, etc.)
  7. They laugh at their crush’s jokes even when no one else does
  8. They tend to exaggerate their crush’s skills and virtues
  9. They complement and praise their crush even over the smallest achievements
  10. Their voice changes pitch when talking to their crush
  11. They ask friends for advice on impressing their crush
  12. They engage in activities the crush is interested in or would be impressed by
  13. They keep checking their phone for missed text/calls from their crush or for new social media posts by their crush
  14. They moon over their crush’s photos
  15. They write down/doodle their crush’s name or initials

Do you know any other good examples of showing that your character is in love? Write them in the comments!

PS: You can find more useful words and phrases lists here.

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