Writing Wednesdays: Ways to Show Your Character is in Love (Part Two)

Writing Wednesdays - Ways to Show Your Character is in Love (Part Two)

Two weeks ago, in the first part of this post, I gave you fifteen ways to show that your character is in love with someone; today, I’m going to give you suggestions on what couples could do together or what one person in a relationship could do for the other.

Here they are:

  1. One character could wake up early to have breakfast with their significant other because the SO (significant other) has to leave early (alternatively, one character could stay up late to wait for their SO to get home)
  2. One character could change their diet in order to help their SO stick to a diet (for example, if one character has high blood sugar and needs to avoid sweets, the other could stop buying sweets and bringing them home where they could tempt the first character)
  3. One character could try to get on with – or at least be civil to – their SO’s relatives when, in fact, they don’t like the relatives
  4. One character can stroke the other’s hair or arm
  5. One character could wrap an arm over the other’s shoulders or around their waist
  6. The characters could hold hands
  7. The characters could sit close to each other so their knees or shoulders would be touching
  8. One character could lean their head on the other’s shoulder or place it in the other’s lap
  9. They could playfully shove or slap each other or tickle each other
  10. They could steal a quick kiss from the other when the people around them get distracted and aren’t paying attention to them
  11. They could address each other by pet names or endearments

Do you know any other good examples of things couples do? Write them in the comments!

PS: You can find more useful words and phrases lists here.

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