What I Think about Vampire Detective Midnight by JC Andrijeski (Book Review, GIVEAWAY and Excerpt)

Vampire Detective Midnight - Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1 by JC Andrijeski

Vampire Detective Midnight – Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1

Themes and genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, crime, detective, vampire, psychics

WARNING: Mature Content


Vampire with a past and homicide detective, Naoko “Nick” Tanaka just got transferred to the NYPD, where he works as a “Midnight,” or vampire in the employ of the human police. Like all state-registered vamps, he gets his food delivered to his door, lives in government housing, and basically can’t sneeze without the U.S. government knowing about it.

Still, he’s determined to play by the rules. More than anything, he just wants to be left alone, to finish out his immortality in peace… but he’s barely there two weeks when things already start to go sideways.

It starts with a weird case involving inexplicable paintings that predict murders before they happen.

Between his mystery painter, a bunch of dead hybrid-humans, a conspiracy involving the richest families in New York, and a school principal who has an unsettling effect on him, Nick finds he can’t get personally uninvolved with any of it.

Instead, he gets sucked in even deeper, until he’s pretty sure he’ll end up forcibly reprogrammed by his human masters — assuming they don’t just rip his heart out of his chest and be done with it.

VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT is book #1 of a gritty, romantic new series set in a futuristic, dystopian New York, involving vampires, humans and psychics trying to rebuild their world after a devastating race war that nearly obliterated all of them.

What I think of the book:

Vampire Detective Midnight is the first book in a series of the same name which, apparently, is set in the same universe as other books by JC Andrijeski. That caused a tiny problem for me since I haven’t read anything else by this author and I wasn’t familiar with the terminology she uses. She’s mostly explained things well-enough in this book, but it leaves the feeling that I’m missing something. It’s not enough to confuse me, but it annoyed me that she didn’t start off with a clear definition of what seers and hybrids are and what are the differences between them.

That aside, Vampire Detective Midnight is a good start of a spin-off series. We are introduced to the main character, we establish who he is and his connections to the other characters and there’re hints throughout the novel that his past is worth exploring in another book. Side characters are also established enough to let us know we’ll be seeing them in future books and that they will be important to the plot.

As for the author’s writing: I had a couple of issues with that. Disclaimer here: I have an ARC which is not the final, published version, but more of a second-to-last version, so some of these could’ve been fixed by the time the novel reached the stores. Here they are though: there were a few instances where the level of the writing dropped to that of a draft (not a first one, but still a draft); the whole book takes place over something like two days, but with everything that went on, it feels longer and it should have taken longer; a person who disliked and distrusted Nick suddenly (and unrealistically) switched to really liking him and kind of trusting him; everyone in the book is really hot and all the women seem to want the main character.

Admittedly, that last one is more of a pet-peeve, but I’m listing off the things that bugged me and that was one of them.

Who would I recommend this book to? I’d recommend Vampire Detective Midnight to readers who enjoy futuristic detective stories with a hint of Romance.

My rating: Vampire Detective Midnight - Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1 by JC Andrijeski - Fangs Rating Vampire Detective Midnight - Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1 by JC Andrijeski - Fangs Rating Vampire Detective Midnight - Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1 by JC Andrijeski - Fangs Rating Vampire Detective Midnight - Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1 by JC Andrijeski - Fangs Rating Vampire Detective Midnight - Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1 by JC Andrijeski - Fangs Rating - Half(4.5/5 sets of vampire fangs)

Would I re-read this book? Probably.

Am I interested in other books by this author? Yes.

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Excerpt from Vampire Detective Midnight:

He needed to feed.

It was putting him in a foul mood.

That, and all this fucking blood…

Nick frowned, staring around at the alley floor.

It hit him again.

There was something wrong with this blood.

It smelled too fucking good.

It smelled way too fucking good.

That couldn’t all be Nick’s hunger.

“Anyway, that’s what I can tell you so far,” he said, making his voice deliberately casual. “Without knowing who the victims are, or what brought them to this alley, it’s pretty hard to speculate on motive, but…”

Nick hesitated then, realizing something.

Frowning, he stepped closer to the pools of blood.

Nose wrinkling, he crouched down so he could smell it from closer, even though the scent was overpowering, even from a lot further away. Taking a few full whiffs, he felt his fangs begin to extend in earnest.

That time, he couldn’t pull it back.

A flush of heat hit his gut and chest, burning in his throat. It was intense enough, he almost got hard, but he’d gotten pretty good at squelching that reaction, too.

He stood up at once.

Really, he lurched back.

It happened so fast, that smell and his reaction to it, Nick forgot to modulate his body’s natural reflexes to accommodate the people around him. He was up and moving in a heartbeat, darting back in pure instinct, without slowing his movements at all.

He moved fast enough to make the humans around him freeze.

Instantly, they turned into prey.

Ignoring them, and ignoring their deer-in-headlights reactions to how he’d just moved, Nick backed away from the pool of blood with a scowl.

He backed away from the human detectives and tech team, too.

“They’re hybrids,” he said, emotion reaching his voice.

He turned around, staring at the humans sharing the alley with him.

The stared back at him, faces blank, eyes holding flickers of fear.

Frustrated, wanting to smash through that frozen prey look, Nick let his voice turn into a harder growl.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Nick said. “Did you hear me? They’re all fucking hybrids.”

When they still didn’t speak, he averted his gaze with a scowl. His eyes returned to the alley. Staring around at all of that blood, it sank in what it really represented.

Once it had, he couldn’t help but feel sick.

About the author:

JC Andrijeski is a USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author who writes paranormal mysteries and apocalyptic fiction, often with a sexy, romantic and metaphysical bent. JC has a background in journalism, history and politics, and loves martial arts, yoga, meditation, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, painting… and of course reading and writing. She grew up in the Bay Area of California, but travels extensively and has lived abroad in Europe, Australia and Asia, and from coast to coast in the continental United States. She currently lives and writes full-time in Bangkok, Thailand.

Current series include: Vampire Detective Midnight, the Bridge & Sword series, the Quentin Black Mystery series, The Morph series, and the Alien Apocalypse series. She’s also written a number of standalone novels, novellas and short stories, as well as nonfiction articles and essays.

Find her here:

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