What I Think about Single by RJ Scott (Audiobook Review)

Single - Single Dads, Book 1 by RJ Scott (Narrated by Sean Crisden)

Single – Single Dads, Book 1

Author: RJ Scott

Narrator: Sean Crisden

Listening Time: 4 hrs. and 35 min.

Themes and genres: Adult Contemporary LGBT Romance, gay, parenthood


Reeling from the painful rejection of a man he thought he loved, Asher is left holding the baby.

Ash wants a family, and is determined to continue with a surrogacy he’d begun with his ex. Bringing baby Mia home, he vows that he will be the best father he can be. Nothing in this world matters more to him than caring for his daughter, not even accidentally falling in lust with the doctor next door. Challenged by his growing attraction to Sean, and confronted by painful memories of his family, Ash has to learn that love is all that matters.

When ER doctor Sean moves in with his friends next door to sexy single father Ash, he falls so quickly it takes his breath away. The sex they have is hot, but Ash is adamant his heart is too full with love for his daughter to let anyone else in. Why is Sean the only one who sees how scared Ash is, and how can he prove to his new lover that he desperately wants the three of them to become a family?

What I think of the book:

Having already read and reviewed one book by RJ Scott, I was expecting another casually entertaining experience, but unfortunately… The narration.

Okay, let’s start with the story.

The book is about a single dad who – after being betrayed by an ex – finds new love, builds up his self-esteem and learns to forgive all while taking care of a newborn. The only major complaint I have is that the parts with the baby tend to be overdramatized. I mean, I get he’s a new (and again: single) parent and worried, but they had too much of a soap opera feeling for me.

The rest was as I’d expected: casually entertaining.

Or at least it would’ve probably been, if not for the narration. I really suspect I’d give the book a 0.5 higher rating if the audio didn’t put me off so much I almost lost interest in the novel at some point.

First things first: how is the recording?

It’s good. I didn’t hear background noises or have it abruptly cut at some point.

It’s the narration I’m having a problem with.

The narrator has this very casual demeanor even in scenes that are supposed to be emotional and sometimes his inflection doesn’t fit the words used to describe how a person speaks (for example, a whispered or a groaned line that sounds nothing like a whisper or a groan). I don’t expect the narrators to nail a character’s voice/tone all the time, but this guy was off way too often for my liking. He also tends to speed through some of the lines, almost as if he’s on a tight schedule and he can’t wait to finish. It wasn’t the worst I heard and it got a bit better later on, but it’s still not what I was hoping for.

My rating for the book: Single Dads by RJ Scott - Pacifier Rating Single Dads by RJ Scott - Pacifier Rating Single Dads by RJ Scott - Pacifier Rating Single Dads by RJ Scott - Pacifier Rating - Half (3.5/5 pacifiers)

My rating for the narration: Single Dads by RJ Scott - Pacifier Rating Single Dads by RJ Scott - Pacifier Rating Single Dads by RJ Scott - Pacifier Rating - Half (2.5/5 pacifiers)

Would I listen to this book again? Probably not.

Am I interested in other books by this author? I might get something else. Actually, I’m curious if I’d like this book more if I had it as an e-book so I might get it in that format.

Am I interested in other books by this narrator? Not really, but I might get something else if I hear a sample first and it’s really good.

Where can you buy the book:

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Have you read anything by this author or listened to anything by this narrator?

What did you think of it?

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