Freebie Friday – A Hint of Magic by Claire Chilton

A Hint of Magic - The Demon Diaries, Book 0.5 by Claire Chilton

Title: A Hint of Magic: Bewitched by Magic

Series & Book Number: The Demon Diaries, Book 0.5

Author: Claire Chilton

Themes & Genres: Mystery, Paranormal, Comedy, magic, witches

Amazon Rating: 4 stars


She’s looking for a hint of magic in her world…
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My To Review in August List

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve already posted one review this month. It was of Flame (Frost Chronicles, Book2) by Erin Latimer and was originally scheduled for the end of July, but due to some other book-related commitments was posted a couple of days later.

As for what is scheduled for this month: one short story and one novel. Let’s start with the novel.

The Gunslinger – The Dark Tower, Book 1

The Gunslinger - The Dark Tower, Book 1 by Steven King

Author: Stephen King

Themes & Genres: Suspense, Fantasy

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What I Think about Flame by Erin Latimer

Flame - Frost Chronicles, Book 2 by Erin Latimer

FlameThe Frost Chronicles, Book 2

Themes & Genres: Fantasy, Norse Mythology, war, magic


After fleeing a mad Queen and taking shelter with the fire jotun, Megan Walker goes from ice to inferno, as she deals with court politics, hidden enemies and a radical cult determined to make her their goddess. All of this with the ultimate battle looming on the horizon. A prophesied war that Megan may be the deciding factor in, is only weeks away. That is, if she even makes it that long.

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