Writing Wednesdays: My #1 Tip for Staying on Track

Writing Wednesdays - My #1 Tip for Staying on Track

Three years ago, I shared with you My #1 Writing Tip for the Times You are Stuck to help you when you don’t know where your story is going and what your characters should be doing; today, I have for you another #1 tip, this time on how to stay on track with your writing and with other areas of your life. It’s quite simple Continue reading

Writing Wednesdays: Sites That Organize Book Tours and Blitzes (Tip for Writers and Bloggers)

Writing Wednesdays Sites That Organize Book Tours and Blitzes (For Writers and Bloggers)

Last week, I listed some sites where authors can upload their ARCs to reach a new audience, expand their email lists and get reviews, and where readers could find free and discounted books; today I’m going to list some sites that can arrange a book tour or blitz for an author and where a blogger can sign up to take part in those. These sites also deal with ARCs. Here they are: Continue reading

Basic Character Sheets + Useful Notes & Suggestions

Character Sheet Tables for Character Creation

Title: Basic Character Sheet + Useful Notes & Suggestions


Downloadable character sheets that will help you with creating a character and easily referencing their appearance and behavior whenever you need it. There are three versions of the file that are exactly the same, except for the format they were saved in – doc, docx and pdf. Each file includes:

  • A basic character sheet for humans
  • A basic character sheet for humans and humanoids in Fantasy and Sci-Fi books
  • A basic character sheet for animals
  • An example of how to fill in each sheet (using characters from my books)
  • Suggestions on what else you can include in a character sheet (two lists – one for humans and one for animals)
  • A few useful notes that will help you develop your characters and come up with plot ideas


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Interview with USA Today Bestselling Author Kelly Anne Blount

Kelly Anne Blount

A USA Today Bestselling Author, wattpad star, wattpad ambassador, and host of the Wattpad Block Party – it can only be Kelly Anne Blount.

Q1: Hi, Kelly! How are you today?

Hey! I’m doing great! Thank you so much for having me today!

Q2: Tell us about yourself and how you started writing. Continue reading