Speech to Text (For Free) – Guest Post by Ashley Claudy

Speech to Text (For Free)

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by Ashley Claudy

Maybe you’ve heard of Dragon Speaker. Maybe you’ve even looked into it but the price tag deterred you, I know it did me – especially since I wasn’t even sure I could write by talking out loud. Words have always seemed to flow from the tips of my fingers, not my tongue.  But then I discovered free options for converting speech to text! Continue reading

Announcing Share the Stage September

Welcome, everyone, to Share the Stage September!

Share the Stage September - Guest Posts on CatMint5's Blog

During this month, I’ll be sharing my stage – this blog – with other authors. Get ready to read all sorts of writing advice by our guest authors and even a little bit about Wattpad from none other than Gavin who started out as a Wattpad Ambassador and now works at Wattpad HQ!

Boy, would I love to go there… The office looks amazing!

Anyway, you are probably wondering Continue reading

18 Wattpad Block Party Posts That Are a Must-Read

18 Wattpad Block Party Posts That Are A Must-Read by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

The Wattpad Block Party is almost coming to an end. With hundreds of chapters with exclusive content, how can you pick the best?

Especially when there’s such a variety?

Interviews, sneak peeks, sharing publishing experience and writing tips – there are so many interesting things on there! It wasn’t easy to narrow my favorite posts down. As a matter of fact, I was planning to pick only fifteen, but I couldn’t. That is why, in no particular order and excluding my own, here are eighteen amazing chapters in the Wattpad Block Party book: Continue reading