Siri Caldwell: Author Interview and Book GIVEAWAY (+ a FREE consultation for authors)

Today I’m interviewing Siri Caldwell – a romance author, who also has a book on writing blurbs. Want an autographed copy of her Irresistible Blurbs or a free consultation on your blurb?

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Siri Caldwell

Q1. Hello, Siri, and welcome to my blog! Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi, everyone! Iā€™m a Continue reading

Author Interview with Tanya Chris (You, Me & Her)

Today I’m interviewing Tanya Chris, a self-published author of M/M and M/F novels.

Tanya Chris, author of You, Me & Her

Q1. Hello, Tanya, and welcome to my blog! Tell us a little bit about yourself. How and when did you start writing?

I started writing my first book at about the age of 10. It was a romance about a neighborhood boy and even included a lock of his hair. Unfortunately, I was well into adulthood before I actually finished anything Continue reading

Interview with LGBT+ Author Robin Reardon (Waiting for Walker, Throwing Stones)

Robin Reardon

Q1. Hello, Robin, and welcome to my blog! How about we begin with you telling us a little bit about yourself? How and when did you start writing?

I think I started writing as soon as I could hold a pen. I write because I must, and because I love it. When I was maybe fourteen, my classmates were always clambering for the next installment of my series of stories I called Oh, That Taylor Girl! in which a teenage girl in Canada, in the 1800s, would get into all kinds of scrapes Continue reading

The Story Fair is On NOW!

Story Fair_Win_Prize_Nook_E-reader


Join me, the wattpad4 and MALICE girls as well as many other writers in the showcasing of over 100 stories. Come play the games, enter the contests and raffles and win some amazing prizes.

Just click HERE and you are in! All you need is an internet connection and a phone, tablet or PC.

What you can win?


Smaller prizes: chapter dedications, naming characters after you, feedback on your own stories and FREE PUBLISHED BOOKS! Continue reading