Writing Wednesdays: My 20 Steps to Writing and Posting a Blog Post | Plus Tips on Blogging

Writing Wednesdays - My 20 Steps to Writing and Posting a Blog Post Plus Tips on Blogging

Some people seem to think that blogging is quick and easy. That we, bloggers, just sit down, write something random and hit “Publish”. To get rid of this misconception – and to help people who want to start a blog, but don’t know how to go about their posts – I’m sharing with you my steps to creating blog posts, plus a few tips to help you with the process Continue reading

Fandom Stuff (New Category Announcement)

Fandom Stuff (New Category Announcement)

At the beginning of this month, I posted Blog Plans for 2018 (What’s In and What’s Out), announcing what I’ll be changing around this blog. One of those things was adding a new category – Fandom Stuff, and today I’d like to tell you what you can expect to see in it.

But first, let’s start with why I am creating it Continue reading

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #54 – Blog Tips


Some of you probably write not only books, but also blog posts. After all, having a blog is a good way to find a new audience. Before they someone actually reads your post, they notice the site it is on. With that in mind, I decided to give you not one, but five tiny tips on what to avoid on your blog so you wouldn’t put people off it. Continue reading