Cover Reveal: Lanterns in the Sky by P.S. Malcolm

Today I’m going to share with you the cover to Lanterns in the Sky – a Young Adult novel by fellow wattpadder Pagan Malcolm. So, are you ready?

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Cover Reveal: Raimond by Anne Marie Andrus

A year ago, I reviewed Anne Marie Andrus’ Monstares and Angels; today, I’ll show you the cover to its prequel – Raimond. The book isn’t out yet, but it will be on Thursday, October 25 of this year.

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What is THRALL by Avon Gale and Roan Parrish (Cover Reveal & Teaser)

“A modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is what I read in the description of Avon Gale and Roan Parrish’s THRALL, so I clapped my hands and though “Oh, this is interesting!” And then I read that there are no vampires in the book. Confusing? Yes. But the blurb sounded so good, and today I’m going to share it with you along with a teaser and… The cover, of course!

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

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Writing Wednesdays: Sites That Organize Book Tours and Blitzes (Tip for Writers and Bloggers)

Writing Wednesdays Sites That Organize Book Tours and Blitzes (For Writers and Bloggers)

Last week, I listed some sites where authors can upload their ARCs to reach a new audience, expand their email lists and get reviews, and where readers could find free and discounted books; today I’m going to list some sites that can arrange a book tour or blitz for an author and where a blogger can sign up to take part in those. These sites also deal with ARCs. Here they are: Continue reading

Cover Reveal: Seventh Born by Monica Sanz

Hello, everyone!

Today I’m going to share with you the cover to Seventh Born – the first book in Monica Sanz’s The Witchling Academy series. I’ll show you the cover in just a bit, but first: a little bit about the book.

Genre: YA, Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense

Release Date: September 4, 2018

Publisher: Entangled Teen

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Dethroned by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge (Cover Reveal & GIVEAWAY)

Last week I interviewed Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, author of the Circuit Fae series. A novella from that series is coming out in June and today I’m going to reveal to you its cover. Drumroll, please!

Dethroned by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

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What is Invitation to the Blues by Roan Parrish (Cover Reveal & Teaser)

You might already know about Roan Parrish, author of The Remaking of Corbin Wale and one of the ten authors of the upcoming EXPOSED Romance anthology. Today, I’m not going to talk about those two books though; instead, I’ll share with you the cover and blurb to her Invitation to the Blues and give you a teaser from it.

Are you ready?



Invitation to the Blues – Small Change, Book 2*

Invitation to the Blues - Small Change, Book 2 by Roan Parrish

*Note: This book can be read as a standalone.

Release Date: March 28th, 2018

Publisher: Monster Press

Length: 81,000 words

Themes & Genres: Gay Romance, Contemporary Fiction, music, tattoo parlour

WARNING: Mature Content


Eight months ago Jude Lucen fled his partner, his career, and a hospital in Boston after a suicide attempt. Now back in Philadelphia, he feels like a complete failure. Piano has always been his passion and his only escape. Without it, he has nothing. Well, nothing except a pathetic crush on the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen Continue reading

Monsters & Angels by Anne Marie Andrus – Cover Reaveal & Blurb

Maybe you remember Anne Marie’s inspirational March guest post, in which she shares with us what urged her to create her novel Monsters & Angels. Well, today we are going to see the cover of this yet unpublished work and read its blurb.

Monsters & Angels by Anne Marie Andrus

Monsters & Angels
Author: Anne Marie Andrus
Themes & Genres: Historical, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, vampire
Publication Date: October 2017


Fledgling nurse Sorcha Alden knew she had the skills to save lives, but she never dreamed that her own life would be the one in danger Continue reading