Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #98 – Critique Swap & Critique Partners

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #98 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Critique Swap & Critique Partners

Need some feedback on your work, but can’t afford to pay someone for it?

No one has the time to read your chapters for free?

Offer them a critique swap!

Get together with some writing buddies (or look for people in writing groups) and arrange to read and give feedback on each other’s work.

Things to consider when you are making the arrangements Continue reading

Wattpad Block Party – Summer Edition III – GIVEAWAY – ENDED

Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition III - GIVEAWAY

Hey, kittens!

The Wattpad Block Party – Sumer Edition III is on and you know what that means: GIVEAWAYS!

Well, it also means Continue reading

New Beginnings – Short Story Contest Hosted by @HSH_DeathStar (with yours truly and @SarahattheDisco168 as guest judges) – ENDED


As you’ve probably guessed when you saw user names instead of real names, this contest will be held on Wattpad.

A short, 3K word story can win you one of these three prizes: Continue reading

Story Fair 2016 – Let’s Enter a Few GIVEAWAYS & Win Some Prizes!


It’s that time of the year – the time that the Story Fair is here!

I didn’t help organize it this time (unlike last year’s First Annual Story Fair), but I’m participating and I’m even hosting a giveaway. But first things first: Continue reading


Hey, everyone!

As you probably already know, I’m taking part in the Wattpad Block Party again.

During the event last year, I gave you a sneak peek, some info on the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series and a personality quiz (Which You are the Answer Character Are You); this year, I’ll be sharing with you tips about Wattpad (how to increase the chances of your story being read, how to get feedback, etc.) and writing (titles, blurbs, what not to include in your story, things to do to improve your story, etc.). Just click here to add some knowledge to your mind’s database.

That’s not all though. I also have for you…


Wattpad Block Party - August 2016 - GIVEAWAY

Don’t miss out on the chance to get a dedication and some feedback on your own Wattpad story.

Your story is not on Wattpad yet?

If you win, you could send me the first three chapters of your book to my email. I’ll email you back with the feedback.

See you at the #WattpadBlockParty!

Short Story Contest – April 2016 (wattpad) – ENDED

Short Story Contest - April 2016 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

Hey, funky monkeys! I asked on facebook which you’d be more interested in – a blurb contest or a short story contest. The results of the polls are in, the crowd has spoken and short story it is!

GOAL: Write a short story/one-shot using one or both of these prompts: Continue reading

4th Wattpad Birthday GIVEAWAY – Ended

CatMint5's (Dilyana Kyoseva's) 4th Wattpad Birthday GIVEAWAY

I started posting my stories on wattpad on December 31, 2012. That date is coming again (well, minus the year) so I’ve decided to show my appreciation for my readers by naming a character after one of them and by giving away some chapter dedications. Then I remembered that a lot of my readers were also writers so I added a few more prizes. In the end, here’s what you could win:

  • One review on five chapters of your book.
  • One review on three chapters of your book.
  • Three chapter dedications to three different people. The winners get to pick the chapter or, if they can’t pick one, I’ll dedicate a random chapter from a story of their choice.
  • Naming a character after one person. The character will be from an ongoing story of the winner’s choice.

How to get these prizes? Just enter this raffle!

Note: There will be only one prize per person.

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #5 – How to Encourage Your Silent Readers to Speak Up

#TTWT Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #5 - Silent Readers by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

Posting on wattpad or another site where you can get comments on each of your chapters?

Getting reads and maybe votes, but no feedback?

Then you have what’s called “silent readers”. One way to encourage them speak up is Continue reading