7 Books I Read and Fell in Love with in 2019

If you’ve read my previous posts of this kind (2016, 2017, 2018), you already know how it goes:

  1. This is a list of books I read in 2019; not all of them came out that year (but most did);
  2. The books are listed in the order in which I’ve reviewed them, not by how much I loved them (I’ve also included their release dates according to Amazon);
  3. I’m sticking to one book per author, but I reserve the right to include in the HONORABLE MENTIONS another work by an author who is present in my FELL IN LOVE WITH section.

That’s it.

Without further ado, here are the seven books I FELL IN LOVE WITH in 2019, followed by five HONORABLE MENTIONS. We start off with Continue reading

What I Think about Here Comes Trouble by A.E. Via (Audiobook Review and GIVEAWAY)

Here Comes Trouble - Nothing Special, Book 3 by A.E. Via

Here Comes Trouble – Nothing Special, Book 3*

*Note: Each book can be read/listened to independently as – while they are in chronological order – they follow different couples

Author: A.E. Via

Narrator: Aiden Snow

Length: 8 hours and 30 minutes

Themes and genres: Contemporary LGBT Romance, crime, gay, bisexual, friends to lovers

WARNING: Mature Content


Detectives Mark Ruxsberg and Chris Green are very good at their jobs. Being the enforcers for God and Day’s notorious Atlanta PD Narcotics Task Force causes the crazy duo to get into more trouble than they can often get out of. The pair never misses out on an opportunity to drive their lieutenants crazy with their dangerous, reckless, and costly stunts, landing them in the hot seat in front of God…often Continue reading

My To Review List for July 2019

It’s really odd to me that it’s only July 7th, I’m just writing this post, and I’ve already reviewed two of the three books that are on this list. In chronological order, we have…

Vampire Detective MidnightVampire Detective Midnight, Book 1

Vampire Detective Midnight - Vampire Detective Midnight, Book 1 by JC Andrijeski

Author: JC Andrijeski

Themes and genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, crime, detective, vampire, psychics

WARNING: Mature Content


Vampire with a past and homicide detective, Naoko “Nick” Tanaka just got transferred to the NYPD, where he works as a “Midnight,” or vampire in the employ of the human police. Like all state-registered vamps, he gets his food delivered to his door, lives in government housing, and basically can’t sneeze without the U.S. government knowing about it Continue reading