A Sneak Peek, A GIVEAWAY & A Quiz

Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition II - February 2016 (with bestselling author Kelly Anne Blount)

As those of you who keep an eye on CatMint5’s World already know, I’m featured in the winter edition of the Wattpad Block Party. I’m happy to announce that my post for the event – a new sneak peek from Sentiments & Reason – is now available on wattpad.

But is that all you are getting from me?

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An Interview with Me; Questions Asked by My Readers

Two of my wattpad readers and biggest supporters – @KMyung and @Hazel_Tree, asked me for an interview. Obviously, I said yes, so here it is.

Hazel_Tree, KMyung and CatMint5 (Dilyana Kyoseva)
@Hazel_Tree, @KMyung and @CatMint5 (hey, that’s me!)

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Wattpad: should you post the naughty bits of your story as a new book?


When I was writing my second wattpad story – Here We Go Again, I was faced with a dilemma: should I write the spicier chapters I wanted to write thus changing the book rating to Mature or should I stick to PG-13?

Here We Go Again was intended for PG-13. Almost all of it is PG-13. Then there are those couple of chapters that I wanted to create, but were meant for an adult audience.

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Sentiments & Reason – Blurb and Sneak Peek

S&R..3 - Copy

© 2016 Dilyana Kyoseva All Rights Reserved


“Dad’s gone,” my cousin’s voice was barely above a whisper. “You must come home for the Evaluations,” she uttered and the phone line went dead.


After Keri’s Uncle – the Alpha of the Silver Bullets pack – loses his battle with cancer, the young woman is summoned away from University and back home to take part in the Evaluations – a series of challenges that would help determine who would take on the role of the new leader. Continue reading