What I Think about Irresistible Blurbs by Siri Caldwell (Book Review and A GIVEAWAY)

Today’s review is going to be a bit different. Not only is there a giveaway in which you can win an autographed copy of the book I’m reviewing, but the author has a second prize for you: a consultation on your own blurb.

So if you need help with your blurbs, check out the giveaway!

Irresistible Blurbs How to Write a Book Description Romance Readers Will Love by Siri Caldwell

Irresistible Blurbs: How to Write a Book Description Romance Readers Will Love

Author: Siri Caldwell

Themes and genres: writing guides, self-publishing, writing romance, writing blurbs


Don’t lose sales with a less-than-ideal book description. With the right cover copy, your book can be irresistible Continue reading

What I Think about Rented Heart by Garrett Leigh (Audiobook Review)

Rented Heart by Garrett Leigh (narrated by Dan Calley)

Rented Heart – Rented Heart, Book 1*

*The two books in the series follow different couples and can easily be read as standalones

Author: Garrett Leigh

Narrator: Dan Calley

Themes and genres: Contemporary LGBT Romance, gay, rent boy

WARNING: Mature Content


Ex-surfer-turned-businessman Liam Mallaney moved back to Holkham, Norfolk, to mourn the loss of his husband. Grief and loneliness keep him a solitary figure, and he likes it that way. There’s no room in his broken heart for anything else.

Rentboy Zac Payne left London and most of his demons behind, but he still only knows one way to make a living Continue reading

What I Think about Rago by Kasia Bacon (Audiobook Review)

Rago - An Order Universe Short Story by Kasia Bacon (Narrated by Michael Fox)

Rago – An Order Universe Short Story*

*The story can be read as a standalone

Author: Kasia Bacon

Narrator: Michael Fox

Themes and genres: Fantasy, LGBT, gay, shifters, dragons, soldiers, military/army, short story, fated mates, forced proximity

WARNING: Mature Content


Lieutenant Laahn Ĉortez is about to sit down to his well-deserved supper when destiny hits—winged, scaled and more than a little tipsy Continue reading

What I Think about the Working Stiffs Anthology (Book Review)

It’s one of those rare occasions when I’m reviewing an anthology. This time, I’m going to do it a little bit differently: I’m going to start off with my usual format – blurb and basic info – and end with the buy links. The middle is what will change. First, I’m going to tell you my opinion on the anthology as a whole, then I’m going to give you the blurb to each story and share with you – briefly, in a couple of sentences – what I think of each short. Each story will also have its own individual rating.

Let’s get started!

Working Stiffs MM Vampire Romance Anthology

Authors: Lyra Evans, H.L Day, Megs Pritchard, Roberta Blablanski, Sadie Jay, Mel Gough, AJ Sherwood, Crystel Greene, Eliott Griffen, Tanya Chris, R.J. Sorrento, K. Evan Coles, Edie Montreux

Themes and genres: LGBT, MM, Romance, Contemporary, Fantasy/Paranormal, vampires, anthologies

WARNING: Mature Content


Not all vampires are idly rich. Some of them have day jobs. Er, night jobs Continue reading

What I Think about Falling for My Roommate by Garrett Leigh (Book Review and GIVEAWAY)

Falling for My Roommate by Garrett Leigh

Falling for My Roommate (standalone)*

*Note: One of the main characters – Micah, popped up a couple of times in Garrett’s Lucky series, but you can read this book without having read that series

Cover design: Black Jazz Design

Themes and genres: LGBT Contemporary Romance, gay, bisexual, friends to lovers, roommates, angst, recovery

WARNING: Mature Content


Falling for his roommate gives ex footballer Micah the second chance he deserves, and what could be better than loving your best friend? Continue reading

What I Think about Half-Light by Matt Doyle

Half-Light - The Cassie Tam Files, Book 5 by Matt Doyle

Half-Light The Cassie Tam Files, Book 5

Themes and genres: Sci-Fi Mystery, LGBT, lesbian, PI


With Angel Tanner, the android that runs California’s criminal underworld, pulling the strings, PI Cassie Tam finds herself thrust into a conflict with New Hopeland’s biggest and baddest. But working with the murderous AI may be the only way that Cassie can get to the bottom of her home’s greatest mystery: What is New Hopeland City? Continue reading

What I Think about the Blue Boy Studio Box Set by Garrett Leigh

Bullet, Bones, Bold - Blue Boy Studio series by Garrett Leigh

Blue Boy Studio Book 1-3

Themes and genres: Contemporary LGBT Romance, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, go-go dancers, porn stars

WARNING: Mature Content (in all three books)



Levi is a power top with an alcoholic mother, and a chip on his shoulder. Sonny’s a dancer with attitude and the biggest heart. Their scene together is just another day at work until Levi realises he’s falling hard for the twink he used to hate. Enemies to lovers is inevitable Continue reading

What I Think about Shadows of the Past by Matt Doyle

Shadows of the Past - The Cassie Tam Files, Book 4 by Matt Doyle

Shadows of the Past – The Cassie Tam Files, Book 4

Themes and genres: LGBT, Sci-Fi, Mystery, crime, detectives, lesbian, novellas


Shadows of the Past is the new novella collection set in The Cassie Tam Files universe! Enjoy two new stories that follow PI Cassie Tam and her girlfriend Lori Redwood as they deal with the fallout from LV48 Continue reading

What I Think about Manners & Mannerisms by Tanya Chris

Manners & Mannerisms by Tanya Chris

Manners & Mannerisms (standalone)

Themes and genres: Adult MM Regency Romance, Historical Fiction

WARNING: Mature Content


Everyone in Highley eagerly anticipates the arrival of Reginald Abernathy, the new master of Albon Manor. Everyone, that is, except Lord William Bascomb. William knows he’ll be expected to woo Reginald’s sister, and he can’t summon the interest for it. But when the Abernathys arrive at last, William discovers he’s interested after all—in Reginald Continue reading