2020 Plans for the Blog (and why I was away)


If you follow me on social media, you’d know why I haven’t posted anything around here in a (long) while; if not, here’s the brief version: I had several personal and health issues and took time off from writing to take care of myself. However, my self-imposed writing vacation is now off.

What does this mean for the blog?

Basically, things will go back to the way they were: book reviews, book blitzes, writing tips and prompts, writer interviews, etc.. As for the frequency of posts: I’m trying to go easy on myself so while I’m thinking of a two per week minimum I’m going to attempt to keep the posts down to no more than four per week. There will be at least one book review each month (more likely two or even three), and two Writing Wednesdays; I’m also going to do my best to include at least a couple of giveaways each month.

If there’s a particular thing you want to see on my blog, you can always leave me a comment here or drop me a message on social media.

Lastly, I’ll be accepting ARCs for reviewing again. January spots are already taken, but I have a spot open for February. If you are interested, you can submit your ARC here.

A Personal Announcement and on Updates

About a week and a half ago, my grandfather got really sick. We took him to the ER, but he wasn’t getting better and today, he passed away. I’m sorry, but I’m in no state to be writing right now so for the next week or so, there will be no updates on Patreon or on Wattpad. I have a couple of pre-written posts that will go up on the blog, but that’s about it.

My To Review in March 2018 List

I promised myself I’d slow down. I’ve been getting a lot of ARCs lately and it takes time to read them, so I told myself “Go for two, maybe three reviews per month”… And this month I’m reviewing three books. In order of their review, they are:

Zeus: Conquering His HeartThe Fantastic Immortals, Book 2

Zeus Conquering His Heart - The Fantastic Immortals, Book 2 by Wendy Rathbone

Author: Wendy Rathbone

Themes & Genres: Themes & Genres: LGBT, Fantasy, Gay Romance, Alternate Myth, gods


When I throw the lightning and summon the thunder, it isn’t always out of anger, but often from a love so all-consuming it could only be the effect of Eros himself Continue reading

My To Review in January 2018 List

I think I should rename January to “Review Month”. Why?

Because I have four reviews planned for this month and two more that are a maybe (waiting for the ARC to be sent). I have a couple of things by favorite authors and a few that are by people whose books I’ve never read before. Ready to get readin’?



Ganymede: Abducted by the Gods The Fantastic Immortals, Book 1

Ganymede Abducted by the Gods - Fantastic Immortals, Book 1 by Wendy Rathbone

Author: Wendy Rathbone

Themes & Genres: LGBT, Fantasy, Gay Romance, Alternate Myth, gods

WARNING: Mature Content


Sold by his father. Abducted against his will Continue reading

October To Be Read List (and Which Books I’m Reviewing This Month)


Since it’s October, you are probably expecting some spooky books on my To Be Read list. Well… Not only. There’s a book that kind of ties to Halloween, what with the main character being dead and all, but I have several ARCs to review this month and reading those will take some time. So barely any Halloween books.

You might be thinking “Okay, Dilyana, you said several ARCs; are we getting more that one book review this month?

Yep. You get not one, but Continue reading