Announcement: Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips & September Guest Posts

Announcement - Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips & Guest Blog Posts

Last year in September and this year in March, I opened my blog to other creators so they could express themselves and give you some tips and extra content related to their books; this year Continue reading

The Importance of Knowing Who You Are (a.k.a. Author Branding) – Guest Post by Michelle Jo Quinn

The Importance of Knowing Who You Are (a.k.a. Author Branding)


by Michelle Jo Quinn

Disclaimer: I am not an expert.  Everything you will read here is through my own experiences, and what I’ve heard and read from other authors and online.

About two and a half years ago Continue reading

Review on Eleanor & Park – Guest Post by Sarah, a.k.a. the Bohemian Blogger

Review on Eleanor & Park


by Sarah


Today, I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite books of all time. It’s called Eleanor & Park and after this book, I’ve just been so obsessed with Rainbow Rowell’s writing. I’m proud to say that I even went and got all of her books but haven’t had the time to read any others yet, though.

So without further ado, here’s my review on the book. Continue reading

A Spotlight on Editing – Guest Post by Angela Stevens

A Spotlight On Editing

Angela Stevens

by Angela Stevens

Why I Changed A Steamy Sexy Bathroom Scene Into A Decorating Scene

If I’m truly honest, I enjoy editing more than writing the first draft.


Because that’s when I discover the nuances in my story, where I refine the characters’ motivations, and where I find the novel’s balance. However, the down side is making the decision about deleting or totally redrafting whole scenes and chapters Continue reading

My Top 10 Tips for Writing More – Guest Post by Samantha Jayne Grubey

My Top 10 Tips for Writing More


by Samantha Jayne Grubey

Everyone I know always asks me how I write so much. People are always shocked about the quantity that I actually write. I once wrote 20k in a day, so my guest blog is tips for writing and how you yourselves could write that much. These tips will be what works for me and hopefully they could work for you too. Continue reading

Excerpt from The Sea Stone – Book Two of The Dragon Saga by Nicolette Andrews

Excerpt from The Sea Stone – Book Two of The Dragon Saga


by Nicolette Andrews

First of all, thank you, Dilyana, for letting me do a guest post on your blog. The Sea Stone is the second book in my Dragon Saga, but this excerpt can be read without spoiling anything for Book One. Continue reading

Speech to Text (For Free) – Guest Post by Ashley Claudy

Speech to Text (For Free)

Ashley Claudy Author Banner

by Ashley Claudy

Maybe you’ve heard of Dragon Speaker. Maybe you’ve even looked into it but the price tag deterred you, I know it did me – especially since I wasn’t even sure I could write by talking out loud. Words have always seemed to flow from the tips of my fingers, not my tongue.  But then I discovered free options for converting speech to text! Continue reading

Simian Meanderings and the Life of Brian – Guest Post by Gavin Wilson

Simian Meanderings and the Life of Brian


by Gavin Wilson


The lovely Dilyana has for some reason given me free rein to talk about myself, Wattpad, and life according to Brian. This may yet prove to be a mistake given my penchant for a good tangent, but we’ll see how it goes. Continue reading

Hashtags on Wattpad – Six Tips – Guest Post by @AtomicNicky

Hashtags on Wattpad – Six Tips


by @AtomicNicky

Hashtags on Wattpad can be a tricky affair. In short, hashtags categorize and index your stories, allowing them to be searchable and help readers find your book.

They are one of the most important elements of your Wattpad book. Wattpad books have five main components: Continue reading