Wattpad Block Party – Summer Edition III – GIVEAWAY – ENDED

Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition III - GIVEAWAY

Hey, kittens!

The Wattpad Block Party – Sumer Edition III is on and you know what that means: GIVEAWAYS!

Well, it also means Continue reading

Wattpad Block Party – Winter Edition III – GIVEAWAY – ENDED


Hey, kittens!

Have you been reading the new Wattpad Block Party posts? Did you enter any of the giveaways yet?

My own post isn’t coming out until next week (Thursday, February 16th), but you can enter my giveaway right now!

Here’s what you could win: Continue reading

New Beginnings – Short Story Contest Hosted by @HSH_DeathStar (with yours truly and @SarahattheDisco168 as guest judges) – ENDED


As you’ve probably guessed when you saw user names instead of real names, this contest will be held on Wattpad.

A short, 3K word story can win you one of these three prizes: Continue reading

Short Story Contest – April 2016 (wattpad) – ENDED

Short Story Contest - April 2016 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

Hey, funky monkeys! I asked on facebook which you’d be more interested in – a blurb contest or a short story contest. The results of the polls are in, the crowd has spoken and short story it is!

GOAL: Write a short story/one-shot using one or both of these prompts: Continue reading

Love/Romance Blurb Contest (Wattpad) – ENDED

Dilyana Kyoseva's (CatMint5 on wattpad) Love_Romance Blurb Contest February 2016 (pink version)

Hey, funky monkeys! With the official Month of Love starting, there will be plenty of romance-oriented contests and writing challenges on wattpad. You’ll be given prompts and different themes and asked to come up with a story. Well, I’m going to operate a bit differently: I’m not going to make you write yet another contest entry; I’ll let you submit the blurbs (story descriptions) to your already existing books.

Entry Requirements Continue reading