Wattpad Tags by Genre: ChickLit, Romance, Fanfiction, Teen Fiction and Humor


It’s time for another post on tags. Today we are going to cover ChickLit, Romance, Fanfiction, Teen Fiction and Humor. Before we jump in with how to tag your stories, let me remind you that a tag is a single word so sometimes you’ll have to merge two words to form one tag. Continue reading

Wattpad Tags by Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Mystery/Thriller (+ General Tips on Tagging Your Stories)


If you are writing on Wattpad, you probably already know how tags can benefit your story; if not, here’s why you should use them.

The thing about the tags is that you have to use the right ones and that can get a bit tricky. That’s why I’m starting a new series – Wattpad Tags by Genre – which will be a list of useful tags for each of the genres available on Wattpad. Today we are going to cover Action, Adventure, Horror and Mystery/Thriller, but first, here are some general tips on tags: Continue reading