Alec & Riley – A Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series One-Shot

Sometimes brief interactions and a few words are enough to reveal something about a character or raise more questions we’d like to entertain ourselves by musing over. Here’s a one-shot with Alec and Riley from my Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series. Chronologically, it’s set during Book II – Sentiments & Reason, and the stage it takes place on is the Milk & Cream – the café Riley works at.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

PS: Learn a bit about what the Dogs, Bats & Monkeys series are at the bottom of this post.


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Character Interview: Rhys & Riley (You are the Answer, We are the Answer) – PART TWO

You are the Answer & We are0 the Answer by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Part Two of the Interview

You can read the first part of the interview here.

*The bell over the door chimes as Rhys and Riley walk in.*

Me: Hello, boys! Glad you could make it for the second part of the interview.

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Character Interview: Rhys & Riley (You are the Answer, We are the Answer)

You are the Answer & We are the Answer by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

Hello, you funky monkeys! In March I asked you which of my characters you’d like me to interview next. Turns out you wanted a joint interview with Rhys and Riley from You are the Answer (completed draft on wattpad) and We are the Answer (ongoing, on wattpad). You wanted it and I’m giving it to you! Not only that, but they boys are going to answer YOUR questions. That’s right: Rhys and Riley are answering the questions you left for them in the comments of We are the Answer. And they are not going to skip a single one.

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A Sneak Peek, A GIVEAWAY & A Quiz

Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition II - February 2016 (with bestselling author Kelly Anne Blount)

As those of you who keep an eye on CatMint5’s World already know, I’m featured in the winter edition of the Wattpad Block Party. I’m happy to announce that my post for the event – a new sneak peek from Sentiments & Reason – is now available on wattpad.

But is that all you are getting from me?

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YOUR name in my book – Character Name Giveaway (ENDED)



I’m working on the first two books You are the Answer (draft available on wattpad) and We are the Answer (blurb and sneak peek here). The first of those recently hit 100 000 reads on wattpad so I thought I’d reward my fans by giving them a chance to see their name in something they enjoy and I came up with this raffle. All you have to do to enter is click on the link below and fill out the form. Click here: Character Name Raffle – Dogs, Bats & Monkeys Series

  • Raffle starts on July, 26 and ends on August, 5.
  • Male, female and unisex names are accepted.
  • The winner is picked on random.
  • If a lot of people enter, there will be more than one winner.

GOOD LUCK FUNKY MONKEYS! If you have any questions about the raffle, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Wattpad: should you post the naughty bits of your story as a new book?


When I was writing my second wattpad story – Here We Go Again, I was faced with a dilemma: should I write the spicier chapters I wanted to write thus changing the book rating to Mature or should I stick to PG-13?

Here We Go Again was intended for PG-13. Almost all of it is PG-13. Then there are those couple of chapters that I wanted to create, but were meant for an adult audience.

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Sneak Peek: We are the Answer (and its new cover)


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There was something in the air tonight. I felt it as soon as I exited the pub, followed by my brother Everett and two young members of our pack. They seemed unaffected by the strange vibration, the slight electric current that grew stronger as we moved further from the door. I looked around and found the source: a boy – probably still a teen – and human. Continue reading