Short Story Contest – April 2016 (wattpad) – ENDED

Short Story Contest - April 2016 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad)

Hey, funky monkeys! I asked on facebook which you’d be more interested in – a blurb contest or a short story contest. The results of the polls are in, the crowd has spoken and short story it is!

GOAL: Write a short story/one-shot using one or both of these prompts: Continue reading


The Twist Fate Challenge – ENDED

Twist Fate Challenge - Wattpad & DeviantArt Contest

This time, I’m not organizing, co-judging or even giving away a prize; this time, it is wattpad who will give you your prize. And what is that?

Your story will be published in a printed anthology that Continue reading

Love/Romance Blurb Contest (Wattpad) – ENDED

Dilyana Kyoseva's (CatMint5 on wattpad) Love_Romance Blurb Contest February 2016 (pink version)

Hey, funky monkeys! With the official Month of Love starting, there will be plenty of romance-oriented contests and writing challenges on wattpad. You’ll be given prompts and different themes and asked to come up with a story. Well, I’m going to operate a bit differently: I’m not going to make you write yet another contest entry; I’ll let you submit the blurbs (story descriptions) to your already existing books.

Entry Requirements Continue reading

The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts – Day 7

The Twelve Days of Christmas Writing Prompts - Day 7

An Easter egg hunt? How about a Christmas present hunt?

☞ Write a story with this scenario:

I fall to my knees and rub my eyes. Nope. I did not imagine it. There isn’t a single present under our Christmas tree. And I thought that mom and dad being gone was odd! They could be out to get some groceries; but the presents?

Where are my presents?! Continue reading