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Take a book or grab a pen; whichever you choose, you’ll be transported to a whole new world.

Hey, you! Yes, you. Do you want to get to know me?


My name is Dilyana, but you can call me Didi (that’s saying the letter D twice). I’m a twenty-six years old Bulgarian writer with over 5 000 followers and two completed drafts with over 1.5M reads each posted on wattpad.

Of course, I didn’t start with that many fans.

When I finally gained the courage to make a wattpad account and post my stories online for the judgmental world to see, I didn’t know anyone on that site. I started with zero followers and zero likeminded friends. I was too shy and too scared of being laughed at to tell my family about what I was doing bent over the keyboard for hours on end.

Now, I have hundreds of people reading my books, voting on them and leaving me comments about how much they enjoy them; I also don’t see the world as a scary and judgmental place. Thanks to the support of my amazing readers and some writing-obsessed friends, I’ve decided to take things to a new level: I plan to publish books and want to help other writers by sharing my journey and providing them with a bit of exposure by reviewing their work. If you are a reader, I might be able to help you find the next book to fall in love with.


What will this blog be about and how can it help you?

If you are a reader:

  • You’ll be able to take advantage of the honest reviews I plan to post and decide whether or not you want to read a certain book.
  • You’ll have access to FREEBIES – a section where I’ll post short stories and exclusive extras (chapters, spin-offs, a new POV) from books I plan to publish or have already posted on my wattpad account.
  • You’ll be notified about contests and giveaways – opportunities where you can win a free book from me or a fellow author.

If you are a writer:

  • I’ll be sharing tips on writing, editing, making or buying a cover and publishing.
  • Lists of useful resources (sites, apps, etc.) available in blog posts and for download in the FREEBIES section.
  • I’ll be interviewing authors who have already published books and would like to share their experience.
  • I’m reviewing ARCs. You can apply for a review here.

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