Writing Wednesdays: How I Wrote a Figh Scene for the First Time (Research Tips)

Writing Wednesdays - How I Wrote a Fight Scene for the First Time (Research Tips)

A few months ago, I wrote a fight scene and told my readers that it was my first time doing that. Some of them asked what kind of research I did and today I’m going to tell you that as well. Obviously, you could research other topics the same way Continue reading


What is Writing Wednesdays | Announcement

Writing Wednesdays - Announcement on Dilyana´s World

I thought I covered a lot of topics with my one hundred Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips (a list of all tips, sorted by topic is available here) and I still think that way. However, I sometimes get asked writing-related questions that are not covered by the TTWT. This is why I’m starting Writing Wednesdays – another series in which I’ll be sharing writing advice and answering your questions on the topic. Unlike with the TTWT, a WW post will not be uploaded every week, but you can expect it at least twice a month, starting next week. Another difference from my previous writing series is that the posts won’t always be short.

If you have a topic you want me to discuss, PM me on Wattpad or comment on this post.

Thoughts on Writing: Are There Really 10 Easy Steps to Becoming an Author

Thoughts on Writing Are There Really 10 Easy Steps to Becoming an Author

I’ve seen a lot of How to Write a Book in 10 Simple Steps and Write a Book in 10 Easy Steps and Become an Author articles. The number might not be “10”, but it’s usually that or smaller and it’s often accompanied by “simple” or “easy”. Well, let me tell you this: there’s Continue reading

A Little Bit of Everything: Wattpad & Writing Tips

A Little Bit of Everything Wattpad & Writing Tips

As some of you know, the Wattpad Block Party is an online event, held on the Wattpad profile of its host – USA Today bestselling author Kelly Anne Blount. Due to her participation in a program called Wattpad Futures, she had to remove the posts from the older Wattpad Block Parties from her profile.

That includes the post I’m sharing here today.

It has several tips on cover design, titles, blurbs, writing in general, Wattpad and creativity and motivation, and I think it will be useful to those of you who want to read up on these topics, but don’t want to jump from one blog post to another in order to cover them all. Some of these tips will only be useful to wattpadders, but others can come in handy for non-Wattpad writers as well.

Now let’s get started Continue reading

Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books… (PART 2: MEDIA KIT)

MEDIA KIT (PART 2 of Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books...)

Happy holidays, kittens!

Last Monday, I gave you some advice on how to contact a blogger for them to promote your work and what to do after you’ve made that contact. One of the things included sending to their email a pre-made “package” with graphics and information about you and your book. This package is called a media kit and today I’m going to tell you what to include in it. Continue reading

Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books… (PART 1: HOW TO APPROACH A BLOGGER & WHAT TO DO AFTER A BLOGGER HAS AGREED TO PROMOTE YOUR WORK)

HOW TO APPROACH A BLOGGER & WHAT TO DO AFTER A BLOGGER HAS AGREED TO PROMOTE YOUR WORK (PART 1 of Authors, if you want bloggers to promote your books...)

As you know, I do book promos on my blog. I don’t have a sign-up form for it or anything (perhaps I should make one?), I just tell the authors I like that it’s something I do and that if they have a new release, a cover reveal or a big sale going on, they could drop me a line and I’ll write a post about it. Since I’ve never asked an author to promote me, I can’t give you more than basic advice on how to approach a blogger; however, since I do write promo posts, I can tell you what to do after a blogger has agreed to promote your work, as well as what materials and info you could prepare beforehand and send to bloggers who agree to give your work a shout-out Continue reading

100 Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips – A List of ALL Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips

100 Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on Wattpad) - A List

Last week I posted the hundredth tiny tip on my blog. It will be the last of a series that’s been going on for two years.

Does that mean there will be no more writing advice on my blog?

Of course not!

I’ll keep posting tips, just not in the TTWT format. The posts will be a bit longer and more detailed. But we are not saying goodbye to the shorties just yet. Today I’m posting a list of ALL one hundred Tuesday Tiny Writing Tips, sorted in categories so it will be easier for you to find the topics you need help with. The categories (in alphabetic order) are: Blogging, Characters – Names (tips only on naming your characters), Characters – Tips (tips on creating and developing characters; everything but naming them), Creativity/Productivity/Motivation (for the days you don’t know what to write about), Editing (editing and proofreading), Fans/Readers (how to connect to them, how to get feedback from them, what not to do to your community), General Writing Tips (tips that don’t fall into the other categories), Marketing, Titles, Wattpad (these might apply to other similar apps/websites). Some of the tips will only be present in one category and some will appear in several categories.

And now, for the list Continue reading

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #98 – Critique Swap & Critique Partners

Tuesday Tiny Writing Tip #98 by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on wattpad) - Critique Swap & Critique Partners

Need some feedback on your work, but can’t afford to pay someone for it?

No one has the time to read your chapters for free?

Offer them a critique swap!

Get together with some writing buddies (or look for people in writing groups) and arrange to read and give feedback on each other’s work.

Things to consider when you are making the arrangements Continue reading