Writing Wednesdays Writing Prompt: Valentine’s Day in Reverse

Writing Wednesdays - Writing Prompt - Valentine's Day in Reverse

Since it’s February, there will be a lot of romance prompts for you to find online, so Continue reading

Writing Wednesdays: 20 Character Motivations

Writing Wednesdays - 20 Character Motivations

One of the reasons why a story can seem flat is because the characters lack motivation. To help you with that, I’ll be listing twenty things that can serve as character motivation.

Positive motivations: Continue reading

Writing Wednesdays: 7 Powerful Alternatives for Saying “Want” (Verb)

My characters want things. A lot of things, sometimes. But if I just keep having them say “I want, I want, I want”, they’d sound like spoiled brats; also, “want” sometimes just doesn’t cover it.

Writing Wednesdays - 7 Powerful Alternatves for Saying Want (Verb)

Today I’m going to give you seven verbs that can replace “want” in your writing and pack a punch while they’re at it.

The words are Continue reading

Writing Wednesdays Writing Prompt: The Unexpected Item

Since I realized I’ve been neglecting writing prompts in favor of tips on this blog, I uploaded a prompt as a Writing Wednesdays post last month; this month, both Writing Wednesdays posts are going to be prompts.

Writing Wednesdays - Writing Prompt - The Unexpected Item

You can learn a lot about a person from rummaging through their drawler or purse, so Continue reading

Writing Wednesdays Writing Prompt: Pain

Writing Wednesdays - Writing Prompt - Pain

I haven’t posted a writing prompt here in a long time, so I decided to give you one today. After all, the series is called Writing Wednesdays, but no one’s ever said it has to be only tips. Sometimes we don’t need a technique to get our creativity gear going; sometimes we just need to hear – or read – a line or two Continue reading