How I Handle All of My Social Medias – Guest Post by Samantha Jayne Grubey


The people who know me or follow me know that I have a lot of social media accounts. I am also a very busy person lately, so sometimes I get asked how I deal with all my accounts, especially when my life gets busy. So I thought I’d do a blog post on it Continue reading


What is Oolipo – Guest Post by Sarah Royal

Sarah - @royal8881

I am Sarah Royal. I write on Wattpad, Radish and am also about to publish on TAPAS in the coming weeks. Here, in this article, I’d like to tell you about my experience with Oolipo Continue reading

What’s Radish – Guest Post by Sarah Royal

Sarah - @royal8881

The first place I heard of the Radish Fiction App was on Twitter, in February 2016. There, various authors who I followed shared posts about the app that was going to launch on Valentine’s Day. Sadly, I couldn’t download it because my phone software was too old – a reason why some other people also haven’t been able to download the app even though they wish to. Continue reading

The Shimmer Of Phantoms – Guest Post by Anne Marie Andrus

Author Anne Marie Andrus

Has it ever happened to you?

You’re alone, minding your own business, deeply lost in thought—until a stranger steals your attention. Maybe he holds a door open or stops to pick up the glove you dropped. Perhaps her allure leaps off the silver screen or masquerades behind a microphone, but the instant you make eye contact, a magnificent new soul commands your world. In the winter of 2009, the blinding power of new love found me in the pages of a novel—the one I was about to write. Continue reading

Bookstagram – Guest Post by Sarah, a.k.a. the Bohemian Blogger

Sarah - @bookgirlingmoments on Instagram

Hi, everyone, it’s so good to be back on Cat’s blog again. She’s awesome, one of the first few people that I followed on Wattpad. I’m Sarah mostly known as @HSH_DeathStar on Wattpad and today, I’m going to be talking about Instagram, more specifically the Bookstagram community.  Continue reading

My Launch Strategy – Guest Post by Nicolette Andrews


Launching a book can be the most terrifying and exciting moment for an author. And it never gets any easier. I’m currently preparing to launch my eighth title and the second book in my Dragon Saga. Whether you’re launching your first book or your hundredth having a good plan in place is crucial. Today I’ll be talking about my launch plan and a little bit about what I have done when I’ve launched a book in the past. This is not a one size fits all sort of deal, but you can get a better idea of how to make your launch work for you.

PRE-LAUNCH CHECK LIST Continue reading

My Writing Process – Guest Post by Darly Jamison, Author of Strawberry Wine

Hey, kittens!

Welcome to the first post of March into My World March!

We have Darly Jamison, sharing her experience with us.


Darly Jamison, Author of Strawberry Wine

My debut novel Strawberry Wine is now sitting on shelves at all of my favorite bookstores, but the truth is it was first born on Wattpad. Well, that’s not entirely correct. The story had been brewing inside my thoughts for years, ever since Continue reading

The Importance of Knowing Who You Are (a.k.a. Author Branding) – Guest Post by Michelle Jo Quinn

The Importance of Knowing Who You Are (a.k.a. Author Branding)


by Michelle Jo Quinn

Disclaimer: I am not an expert.  Everything you will read here is through my own experiences, and what I’ve heard and read from other authors and online.

About two and a half years ago Continue reading