Artist Interview with Kelsa

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed my picture on my blog, Wattpad and social media. Today I’ll introduce you to the guy who created the adorable chibi.

Q1:  Hello, Kelsa! How are you today?

Hello! I’m great, thanks!

from left to right: Riley and Rhys from You Are the Answer/We Are the Answer, me!

Q2: You’ve made me these adorable chibis. Thank you so much! I love them. Tell us when did you start drawing and why chibis? Continue reading

Ambassador Interview with Stephanie Brianna (@xFakingaSmilex on wattpad)

Stephanie Brianna (xFakingaSmilex on wattpad)

Q1: Hello, Stephanie! How are you today?

I’m really good, thank you!

Q2: Tell us a little bit about yourself.   

I’m 19, from Australia, and I’m currently Continue reading