Most Read Posts of the First Half of 2017

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Most Read Posts of the First Half of 2017

We are more than halfway through 2017 and I thought “Hmm, I have eighty-four posts uploaded this year; I wonder if my readers have seen them all.” And since I wondered, I decided to make a Top 9 of the most read posts so far and share it with you. Who knows: maybe you skipped one of these gems?


What I Think about Reunited by Kate Smith


Type of Post: Book Review

Date of Post: January 15

About This Post: This is my review of the first book in the Contemporary Fiction Hamilton series by Kate Smith.


What I Think about Man & Beast by Michael Jensen


Type of Post: Book Review

Date of Post: March 21

About This Post: Again a review. This time it’s on the first book of The Savage Land series by MxM author Michael Jensen.


What I Think about Crescendo by Lana Sky

Crescendo by Lana Sky

Type of Post: Book Review

Date of Post: May 21

About This Post: Okay, I’m starting to see a pattern here. Yet another review. We have the Dark Romance Beautiful Monsters, Book 1 by Lana Sky (not to be confused with the Beautiful Monsters Paranormal series by Jex Lane).


Interview with Michael Jensen – LGBT Rights Activist and Author of MxM Novels

Author Michael Jensen

Type of Post: Author Interview

Date of Post: March 26

About This Post: Seems like you have taken a liking to Michael. Not only is my review of his book at NUMBER 9, but my interview with him is at NUMBER 7. Can’t blame you; he’s a pretty cool guy.


To My Amazing Readers: Thank You, A Declaration & A Promise

To My Amazing Readers - Thank You, A Declaration & A Promise by Dilyana Kyoseva (CatMint5 on Wattpad)

Type of Post: Personal Blog

Date of Post: April 17

About This Post: This is the most personal thing I’ve ever posted on my blog.


What I Think about Broken by Jex Lane

Broken - Beautiful Monsters Vol. 3 by Jex Lane

Type of Post: Book Review

Date of Post: March 14

About This Post: Yep. This is the second Beautiful Monster series that I mentioned a little while ago. Not only is this Paranormal (we have vampires, incubi, Gods and demons), but unlike Lana’s Crescendo all of Jex Lane’s books from this series feature LGBT characters.


What I Think about The SNOW Anthology

SNOW - Stories of Forbidden Love Poster

Type of Post: Book Review

Date of Post: May 8

About This Post: The SNOW anthology contains sixteen short stories about forbidden love by sixteen Wattpad authors and is something I compared to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

Okay, so it’s time for The Big Three.


3 Tips for Tap – Guest Post by @AtomicNicky


Type of Post: Informational Post

Date of Post: March 19

About This Post: I started talking to Nicky on the weekly writing-related Twitter chats that the Wattpad4 hosts. He had some really good tips to give so I invited him to be my guest blogger.


The Shimmer Of Phantoms – Guest Post by Anne Marie Andrus

Author Anne Marie Andrus

Type of Post: Inspirational Post

Date of Post: March 24

About This Post: A couple of months from now, you’ll see my review of Anne Marie Andrus’ Monsters & Angels; even sooner than that, on July 19, you’ll see its cover reveal on my blog. As for Anne and her post: she sent me the M&A ARC, I started it, thought it was interesting and asked her to write something I could share with you.

These are the ones you have been reading the most.

Have you read all from this the Top 9?

Which one was your favorite post this year and did it make it to this list?

It seems like you really like the guest posts so I’ll make sure to have more of those on my blog.


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